Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton “the least likely to protect your privacy”


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. (credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

by Ed LaRue

CHANTILLY, VA – In what may be the opening salvo in the battle for the 2016 White House, Senator Rand Paul on thursday used his speech at the Liberty Political Action Committee in Chantilly, VA to lob a libertarian-style truth grenade at the likely Democratic nominee.  “Who is probably the least likely to protect your privacy among Democrats? Hillary Clinton,”

Recently Paul’s base of Tea Party Republicans and Ron Paul libertarians have coalesced with the more established Republican base around two key issues: protecting Americans from the overreach of government agencies like the NSA and demanding President Obama seek congressional approval for his military plan of action in Syria. Both issues have kept the freshman Senator from KY in the media spotlight.

On the NSA spying, Paul had this to say: “If we want a transformational election where Republicans become the dominate party….we could become the party that doesn’t believe in big government surveillance,”

Paul, speaking to a receptive audience of mostly libertarians, also had this to say about the GOP’s chances in general.

“I think we are winning in the sense that the public is with us, it’s just not us, the remnants or the hardcore, but I think the public is, in general, with us on these issues,” said Paul. “I think also that from a partisan part of view as a Republican, these are ways we grow the Republican Party.”

“Does anybody remember Charlie Sheen when he was kind of going crazy…And he was going around, jumping around saying ‘Winning,
winning, we’re winning,’” Paul said.  “Well I kind of feel like that, we are winning. And I’m not on any drugs.”

Ed Larue is an independent writer based in Washington, DC

His blog is Click4Silver.com






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