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Ted Cruz: Senators Who Caved Should Face Election “Consequences”

Sen. Ted Cruz has lost no time after the shutdown ended to go after Obama, Obamacare, and establishment Republicans who helped doom his strategy to fail. Instead of changing his rhetoric, he’s doubling down, most likely because he knows that Obamacare will fail, and the GOP needs to be known as the party that tried…

Complete Collapse & Economic Meltdown Will Shock The World

Today one of the top economists in the world predicted that the US economy is going to experience a “complete collapse.”  He also stated that this economic collapse will “create an upside explosion in gold that will shock the world.”  Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, wrote the following exclusive piece for KWN. By Michael…

Rand Paul On Hannity October 7th 2013

Published on Oct 7, 2013

Rand Paul slammed Democrats’ priorities in light of the government shutdown, saying, “You’ve got to wonder. Apparently the Amber Alert, you know searching for a kidnapped child, has been closed down but Let’s Move weight loss program for the First Lady is open today, so I guess they do have priorities.”

While he believes Dems are “playing games with the shutdown,” the more serious concern is that “they’re also playing games with defaulting” which will scare the markets. “I think it’s irresponsible for the president or Jack Lew or any of his men or women to go out on TV and say, ‘Oh, the U.S. might default.’ […] We’ve never defaulted, we will never default, and there’s not even a reason to default because we have plenty of revenue that comes in every month to pay our interest payment.”

Obamacare is the single biggest obstacle standing in the way of our jobs, rights, and future #MakeDCListen ~Senator Ted Cruz