Ted Cruz: Senators Who Caved Should Face Election “Consequences”

nra leadership forumSen. Ted Cruz has lost no time after the shutdown ended to go after Obama, Obamacare, and establishment Republicans who helped doom his strategy to fail.

Instead of changing his rhetoric, he’s doubling down, most likely because he knows that Obamacare will fail, and the GOP needs to be known as the party that tried everything to stop it.

Indeed, in an interview with National Review, Sen. Cruz hinted that the establishment Republicans should face election “consequences”. In other words, they should be fired for caving and replaced with more principled members of congress.

Here’s what National Review reports:

“Unfortunately, rather than supporting House Republicans, a significant number of Senate Republicans actively, aggressively, and vocally led the effort to defeat House Republicans, to defeat the effort to defund Obamacare,” Cruz says, in an interview with National Review. “Once Senate Republicans did that, it crippled the chances of this effort, and it caused the lousy deal.”

When pressed to cite specific Republican senators who may face primary trouble, Cruz refuses — “I’m not interested in a battle of personalities.” But he strongly urges conservatives to hold those lawmakers “accountable.”

“As with every decision elected officials make, the consequences of those decisions are up to the American people,” Cruz says. “But I will say this: from day one in office, I’ve urged the American people to hold every elected official accountable, and far too many elected officials are not listening to the American people… when you’ve got 10 to 20 Senate Republicans going on television, day after day after day, saying, ‘we cannot win, this is a fool’s errand, we will lose, nothing will happen, we will surrender,’ and blaming Republicans every step of the way, it eliminates the ability to get a positive outcome.

“Now, I have publicly said it is likely that I will stay out of all incumbent primaries,” he continues. “But every elected official has to make the case to the grassroots in his or her state on why he or she is effectively fighting for them.” When asked whether using the word “likely” means he’s leaving room to back a challenger, Cruz repeats the line, saying it’s “likely” he’ll stay out.

He’s right. The ONLY way to grow the limited-government section of the GOP is to continue replacing RINOs with heroes — people on a mission to protect the constitution, fight all domestic enemies, and liberate the market.

If you want to help out, spread this on Facebook and Twitter. The more public anger there is over the caving, the more the establishment candidates will be hurt during the primaries. EVERY bit of support counts.

Source URL: http://www.capitalisminstitute.org/ted-fights-cowards/

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