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Gold And Silver – Sharply Higher Prices? Be Careful What You Wish For.

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus Saturday  28 December 2013 2013 comes to an end, and with it all those calls for gold and silver to be at much higher price levels.  What will 2014 bring?  More and more renewed calls for much higher price levels.  Will 2014 be the year? It is a possibility,…

World Series of Poker – 1973

The idea of a World Series of Poker began in 1969 with an event called the Texas Gambling Reunion. It was an invitational event sponsored by Tom Moore of San Antonio, Texas, and held at the Holiday Hotel and Casino in Reno. This inaugural event was won by Crandell Addington. The set of tournaments that the World Series of Poker (WSOP) would evolve into was the brainchild of Las Vegas casino owner and poker player Benny Binion. In 1970, the first WSOP at Binion’s Horseshoe took place as a series of cash games that included five-card stud, deuce to seven low-ball draw, razz, seven-card stud, and Texas hold ’em. The format for the Main Event as a freeze-out Texas hold ’em game came the next year. The winner in 1970, Johnny Moss, was elected by his peers as the first World Champion of Poker and received a silver cup as a prize.

Final Table –
1st Walter “Puggy” Pearson $130,000
2nd Johnny Moss
3rd Jack Straus
4th Bobby Brazil
5th Bob Hooks
6th Brian “Sailor” Roberts

“I view each tournament as a gigantic minefield that I must navigate my
way through without getting blown up. I’m likely to be wounded several
times along the way, but as long as none are fatal, I’ll get to the other side”.

– Richard Tatalovich,
United States Poker Championship winner

John Rubino–The Money Melt Down presents
John and I connected to discuss the latest economic developments. His next book, co-written with GoldMoney’s James Turk will be released any day. John believes that bank lending is about to pick up big time. The reason is simple. Since at least the 1980s, US policy has been to convince us to borrow as much as possible on pretty much anything we could think of. This worked brilliantly until 2008, when homeowners, consumers and businesses hit a wall and private sector defaults began to exceed new loans. Another Great Depression was imminent.

But instead of allowing this natural cleansing process to run its course, governments around the world stepped into the breach themselves, borrowing tens of trillions of dollars to replace evaporating private sector debt. The idea, to the extent that there was one, was to buy time for traumatized consumers and businesses to relax a bit and start borrowing again. So sit back and watch the fun begin again.
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Eric Sprott: 2014 Sends Gold North of $2,000 and Silver Over $50… CEO Eric Sprott of Sprott Asset Management predicts, “The price of gold and silver will both hit new highs in 2014. The price of gold goes north of $2,000, and silver will quickly go over $50. When it does, it will get a little crazy.” Sprott says, “They know a day of reckoning is coming, and they are setting up for it. . . . I am convinced some sovereign banking systems fail in 2014.” Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with $8 billion money manager Eric Sprott.

Gold – A Supressed Market Remains Suppressed, But For How Long?

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus Saturday  21 December 2013 Part of the reasoning for the price of gold to attain levels that are multiples of the current price, sometime into the future, [too late for those who have been calling for much higher gold prices in 2013], is the Federal Reserve central bank creating…

Silver – Charts Offer Most Reliable Information, Period.

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus December 21 December 2013   The most reliable information is still found in the charts. Last week, we said to look at Bitcoin as an example of what to expect for silver, in terms of a market moving higher with impunity in a very short period of time, See A…