Gold And Silver – NWO In Its Element: Problem, Reaction, Solution. Beware.

Saturday  22 August 2015

Last week, we lamented how difficult it was to get a fix on the so many things going on in the world, and going wrong.  It occurs to us that we are all in the midst of the New World Order going about business as usual, creating Problems, and the bigger the better, then watching reactions of the masses, even governments.  The worse possible the problems, the more horrifying the Reactions  the better.  For waiting in the wings is their planned Solution, all leading toward global takeover under a one world rule, like the UN.

One of the more fractious plans has been the destabilization of the Middle East.  Think of all the “problems” [real as they are, but planned], festering throughout that region.  The Arab/Muslim world is reacting, ISIS, US proxy plans for destabilizing Syria, Turkey now in turmoil, Libya gone [along with all its gold, the plan all along], ongoing problems in Egypt, Saudi Arabia attacking Yemen [Sunni v Shiite, keep them divisive, the plan].  Globalists want the entire region warring with each other and in a weakened state, [Problem].

As the  Middle East, and the rest of the world, reacts, [Reaction], the Globalists will step in with a solution to stop all the fighting, being peace, to a certain degree, and have the factions somehow come under a Globalist’s “unified” umbrella where they are now in control, [Solution, their solution].

This Problem, Reaction, Solution blueprint happened in Cyprus, now Greece, setting the stage for bail-ins throughout the Western world, in order to save the banks that created all the financial mayhem from the beginning.  Guess what plan is waiting in the wings for the masses now?

The European Commission, those unelected bureaucrats that all work for and are paid by the Globalists, recently told 11 countries to adopt new EU rules on propping up failed banks [bank bail-ins], or face legal action.   After the last 11, there will be 28 countries with bail-in rules.  The EU [European Union], has been the Globalist’s artificial creation to destroy individual country sovereignty.  It may yet fail, but at such a huge cost during the entire process, that is, if it does fail. In the interim, Globalists are destroying Europe

It should be no surprise to Americans, but it will be when it happens, that there are bail-in rules already waiting to be executed, at Globalist banker will, and they will.  The Problem created has been the financial collapse crises since 2008.  The Reaction has been a worsening financial crises for the entire Western world, destroying the middle class, now
in the process of destroying all elderly who depended on interest income for retirement.

Now certainly in America, public pensions are grossly underfunded and undermining individual State’s financial existence.  Insurance companies, the entire industry is being destroyed, unable to get the anticipated 8% returns expected, impossible in a zero interest rate environment.  The situation keeps getting worse for everyone.  Fear and financial panic are setting in [Reaction].  Bail-ins will help solve the problem, at least for the Globalist’s banking interests.  As for the rest of the people, sorry you have to lose 30% of your deposits in the bank, but the banks need to survive, [30% is just a random number].

Remember, Obama had the rules changed, something he did not tell you.  Any and all “money” you deposit in a bank is no longer your “money.”  It belongs to the bank, and you are now a creditor, a very special one.  How special?  In the event of a bank failure, you stand last in line to make any claim against the bank.  Who is first in line?  Banker’s derivatives, their high-risk insurance bets being laid off on you.  How special do you feel as a bank depositor, now?

Here is the deal:  We now live in a nation where banks destroy the economy, lawyers destroy justice, the press destroy information, doctors destroy health, universities destroy knowledge, religions destroy morals, and governments destroy freedom.  Welcome to America, everyone.  Europe ain’t any better.

What is the Globalist’s aim?  Destruction of all forms of government to be replaced by the New World Order.

While there may be questions about a bottom forming in gold and silver, there can be no question about what lies in store for any and all paper assets.  For those who still mistakenly believe paper fiat Federal Reserve notes, aka “dollars,” are assets, they are not.
All Federal Reserve Notes are debt instruments.  Debt can never be money.  It is the very opposite.  Let us remind once again, MONEY DOES NOT EXIST, [Hot link to article].  We did a follow-up article, The Dollar Does Not Exist, to prove our point about money and the so-called “dollar.”

The point is, all fiats will reach their intrinsic worth [which is zero], sometime in the next several months to maybe a few years.  Who cares if PMs are bottoming, or not?  [It’s a rhetorical question.  We know everyone cares.]  Owning physical gold and silver is such a simple yet superior alternative to the impending collapse of fiat currencies.  Only the Globalists know the full plan.  The rest of us are left to guess.  Anyone who wants to be left to the vagaries of guessing is toying with financial suicide in the total loss of “value” in any form of paper assets.

What is the number one asset sought after by central bankers?  Gold!  One thing the Globalists are not is stupid.  Do you think for a moment they want their own assets tied up in worthless paper form?  Hell, no.  They will take gold, silver, land, anything tangible.  You should be doing the same.  Buy and hold physical gold and silver.  Do not, do not store it in any banking institution, and for sure, not in any safe deposit box, easy targets for confiscation.

Last week, the world is seeing more and more cracks in the existence of the Western financial world.  The fiat Federal Reserve Note, “dollar,” took a drubbing.  Trends always take time to turn, and all of these seemingly chaotic events are being orchestrated by the elites, not fine tuned, for that is impossible, but generally carefully planned.  There may be shakeups in various markets, but there is always a degree of control by powerful forces.

It is too soon to say the “dollar” is topping, at least not until the 93 area is breached to the downside in a strong manner.  These are games being played behind the scenes, and if you choose to believe all things are random events, that is a choice.  One thing is certain, whatever one believes, randomness or Globalist manipulation, there can be little doubt that paper assets are in trouble.

DX W 22 Aug 15

We are including a chart of the S&P E-Mini to illustrate why things have “seemed” so chaotic and fast-paced in the world for the past few months.  Here is more concrete evidence of how precarious events have become.  We see last week as a game changer for equities.  More attention will be paid to the stock market.  In fact, we almost did a story last week, depicting how the S&P has been locked in a 100 point TR, but within that TR, price swings up and down have covered over 1,450 points!  We see this as a distribution top forming.

The world is in a financially precarious position, a Problem created, more Reaction is to follow, and expect the final Solution to be loss of freedom to the Globalist world order.
As to China, Russia, BRICS, an alternative to the failing West?  Folks, China is a new coat for old NWO owners. The other parties are bit players.   We will delve into that, at some future point.

ES W 22 Aug 15

The Globalist antidote: gold and silver.  They are certainly far better than the fiat hemlock the bankers want everyone to have.  One must now consider the plan to go cashless and deal only with digitalized “currency.”  Once that happens, kiss your financial freedom good-bye.

This is another high stakes game being played out by the Globalist criminal elements determining your future,  your children’s and their children’s future.  We have spent the last two years advocating the purchase of physical gold and/or silver, at any price, even during those time when both were much higher than where they are today.  That has not changed.

There is nothing to indicate a change in trend has occurred.  Before the price trend in gold and silver can go up, they have to stop going down.  Is a bottom in?  Too soon to tell, for even if a bottom formed last week, which we doubt, there will still have to be confirmation.
For those too impatient to wait for confirmation, think of all the bottom callers over the past few years who did not wait for confirmation and ended up losers [in the paper market].

GC W 22 Aug 15

Last week was an impressive rally, given rallies have been so few and far between.  Friday’s  activity, with it mid-range close on increased volume suggests the rally may have peaked or is close to peaking, at least temporarily.  Chart comments explain.

GC D 22 Aug 15

Silver remains the step-child to gold, in a manner of speaking, as it failed to show  a similar run up.  The gold:silver ratio is just above/around 75:1, and we remain of the belief that silver will outperform gold, moving forward.   75:1 or greater is a worthwhile area for transitioning out of some gold in exchange for silver.  Perhaps we will do another gold:silver ratio article to illustrate the value of the profitable exercise.

SI W 22 Aug 15

If silver does not perform better, soon, or if it trades back under the 14.60 area, the odds favor lower lows to follow.  Of course, it depends on how price acts if it retraces lower.  The bottom line for both gold and silver is that the elites may not have finished their game plan, and if true, PM prices can continue to languish at these lower levels in the months to come.  We do not know but mention it as a possibility.  In the interim, we let developing market activity do the “talking.”

SI D 22 Aug 15

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