Gold And Silver – Banker Insanity Grows, PMs Decline.

Saturday  7 March 2015

Two weeks ago, we wrote on Banker’s Grip On PMs Not Over, leading off about the Syriza
party likely to fold and sell its Greek citizens into more debt servitude, calling the efforts
of Tsipras and Varoufakis Kabuki theater, while still a Greek Tragedy for Greek citizens.
In one of what has to be German banker’s prouder moments, complaining about how
Greece does not want to pay back money loaned, they led the charge demanding Greek
compliance with more austerity in the cards.  Wake up Germany and other European
nations partaking in the artificial patchwork called the European Union.  No money was
ever loaned to Greece!

Money does not exist in Europe any more than money does not exist in the United States.
What the Greeks received was a massive loan of debt issued by the International Monetary
Fund.  Who authorized the IMF to issue that debt to Greece?  From where did the “funds”
come?  [Hint: Out of thin air.]  The IMF/EU/BIS, call the “lenders” whatever you choose,
but no money was loaned, just a digitized I.O.U.  The notion of money is as phony as any
$3 Euro bill.  The entire EU and its bloated, non-representative bureaucrats are a massive
Ponzi scheme, led by Mario Draghi and a host of other sycophants who would not
otherwise get elected even if they ran unopposed.

Last week, we wrote about Insanity Prevails; PMs Without Direction.  The above is proof
of the insanity under which all Europeans live without any discernible objection.  Not
only are Europeans willing to live in an artificial world, while heavily spied on by their
respective governments, they are willing to commit financial suicide by kissing US butt
over enforcing sanctions against Russia.    How are them sanctions working out for you,

Under sanctions designed to punish Russia simply for its existence, as far as the US is
concerned, the EU has proven stupidity has no national borders.  Germany prides
itself for its business acumen, yet the country is suffering backlash in lost business and
a decline in GDP as a result of acting as the 51st State of the US. Those mostly southern
European countries that imposed a food embargo on Russia are confronted with huge
losses as their unsold food has no market.  Good thinking, EU.

Russia is otherwise prospering quite well, buying food from South America, making
more and larger deals with China, selling cheaper oil that is offset by higher in “value”
US fiat resulting from sales.  The higher valued fiat “dollar” is then being used to buy
Western central banker suppressed gold at bargain prices.  We guess the US/UK/EU
brain trusts have the Russians right where they want them.  Keep putting the hurt on!

All of the Western [totally insolvent] central bankers, along with the psychopathic
leaders of the US/UK/EU under the banker’s charge, will never take responsibility for
all of the economic destruction and capital debasement for which they are responsible.
In fact, the US is helping destroy the EU as a result of its failed policies of sanctions
against a prospering Russia.  In order to save face, [like it has any], the US is bound
and determined to start another war, even WWIII, if need be, and then blame all of
the US economic collapse on its enemies for “creating” economic failure in the US,
thereby deflecting all blame from the bankers and politicians responsible.

As psychopaths in charge, none will ever take responsibility for their irresponsible
actions.  Thanks to their actions, every Western county, including and especially
Japan, is suffering from an irreversible high debt to GDP, not just irreversible, but
also unsustainable.  Ironically, guess which three countries did not make the list of
the Western world’s worst debt/GDP offenders?  Russia, Syria, and Iran.  None is
in the Western world subject to such fiat economic abuse.  Yet another reason why
Obama wants to go to war with Russia, no doubt.

Last week, Austria, of all countries, found that its “bad loan” bank, Hypo Alpe Adria,
aka Heta Asset Resolution, just got badder.  Somehow, no doubt confounding all the
financial banker wizards, an audit showed an 8.7 billion Euro “capital hole.”   Incredibly
enough, the bank was recently rated AAA/Aaa, by other bankers, of course.  A “bail-in”
is imminent.  In fact, the Austrian finance ministry said that “creditors can be forced
to contribute to the costs of winding down Heta – or ‘bailed in’ – under new European
legislation that Austria adopted this year so that taxpayers do not have to shoulder the
entire burden.”

In a sane world, banks that made bad loans would have to suffer the loss and write them
off, even go bankrupt if necessary.  In a banker-driven world, aka insanity, all bad loans
must be recovered at the expense of depositors and the public.  Bail-ins, coming soon to
a bank near you, Americans.  Take heed…your 401ks/IRAs are all at risk of bail-ins,
exchanged for worthless government bonds no one wants.  [Not that we expect anyone
to take heed.]

Why mention the past few articles and point out European financial folly and Austrian
banking three-card Monte?  Because international Rothschild/elite-led bankers have
no limits in the path of financial ruin in which they lead the world, all in their inexorable
march to their New World Order, which may already be a fait accompli.

Look at what the international bankers are doing to the price of gold and silver.  The
point to be taken is that anyone who is relying upon fundamental information and/or
expectations that governments will make things right is engaging in mental
masturbation.  The bankers want to destroy the gold/silver markets for the masses.
They want to destroy all hope for higher prices, all justification for holding them as an
alternative to their artificial, worthless fiat paper.

The central bankers are on a path of self-destruction, and they will take down the masses
with them.  They could care less about China and Russia accumulating all available
physical gold and silver.  The bankers know they are toast to China and Russia, but in
their perverted effort to hold onto power for as long as possible, maybe even delusional
enough to falsely believe they will always remain in power, they will destroy everything
in the process, plain and simple.

We have been saying for the past few weeks, actually longer, the charts are telling anyone
who wants to pay attention that prices are not going higher anytime soon.  That can
change in a week or a month or a year, but until there are signs of change, prices will
remain suppressed.

What we have been saying for an even longer period of time, a few years, is keep buying,
and personally holding, physical gold and/or silver.  Price does not matter.  Sure, everyone
wants to get the most for their money, but that is not the purpose of buying PMs any
more.  At some point, it may not be available at these prices, literally overnight when
reality finally kicks in and a price adjustment is made in line with true supply/demand.
Also, governments being what they are, an outright ban on purchasing PMs can be put
into place.  Already efforts to confiscate PMs from safety deposit boxes are in place.
Expect things to get worse, not better.

If you do not own it now, you are playing a game of [irresponsible]risk.  For those who
already own PMs, even for prices at the highs, accept it and be glad you own either or
both.  The insane banker’s world in which we live will come to an end, and likely a
disastrous one.  Keep on stacking, keep on staking.  On a relative scale, price should be
your least concern.

The trend matters the most because the majority of price development will occur within
the trend’s context.  RHS = Right Hand Side, LHS = Left Hand Side.  Comparing the
location of price on the RHS of the chart, relative to the LHS clearly shows how price
has been developing throughout, to the downside, with the trend

SI W 7 Mar 15

When you compare this chart to that of daily gold, silver has a better relative show in
how it is holding within the down channel.  We get key information by observing how
price reacts/responds to obvious support/resistance levels.  If it bounces off and rallies
higher, support will hold.  If price stays at/near support, the likelihood is greater that
potential support will not hold.

It is not our job to guess which but to watch and then respond to the confirmed market
activity, if a tradable opportunity arises.

SI D 7 Mar 15

While last week’s down bar in gold strongly suggests lower prices, it does not
necessarily follow that lower prices will occur.  For that reason, we watch to
see how price reacts in order to have important information moving forward.

GC W 7 Mar 15

The chart comments are apt.  You can see how the daily gold chart is relatively weaker
than that of silver.  However, both remain in a down trend, and that is what matters.

GC D 7 Mar 15

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