Gold And Silver – Forget The News. Silver 12 – 14? Gold 1,000 – 1,100?

Saturday  7 February 2015

How are all them facts and figures about gold/silver accumulation by China, Russia,
India, et al, shortages at the COMEX, LMBA for delivery of the [non-existent]physical
metal, drainage of GLD, unprecedented public demand for coins, accompanied by pretty
graphs and charts, working out?

Question – where are the results of all, and we mean all of the above considerations, and
more?  Have these factors [and they are legitimate], driven the price of gold and silver to
unprecedented levels?  If not unprecedented levels, have they driven the price of gold
and silver to $1,400 and $25?  If not, why not?

Welcome to the real world, the one run by the elite banking cabal.

The elites do not make the law, they are the law.  All governments are their servants.

What would it be like to live within the New World Order?  You already do.  Every aspect
of your life is almost totally under the scrutiny of spying agencies neither answerable nor
accountable to anyone.  The NSA has been around since the 1950s.  Edward Snowden put
that agency on everyone’s alert.  To what end?  In the end, to no end.  American apathy,
even European apathy are insuring the NWO has no opposition, at least not in the Western

The ever-increasing pace of events has reached a high-fevered pitch, and none of it is
accidental.  Everything is planned, including the destruction of the Federal Reserve
“dollar.”  It is being replaced because it has outlived its usefulness to the elites, and for
the past 5 or 10 years, plans have been made and are now being implemented to replace
the supremacy of the “dollar, ” to be replaced by…not gold and silver, as so many might
expect, but more than likely, an IMF-created Special Drawing Rights [SDR].  SDRs will
first be used by countries, perhaps in the form of SDR bonds backed by gold, silver, oil,
and other natural resource commodities.  Eventually, they may morph into an
international currency [a One World Currency], where no nation has sovereignty, but
that is a speculative guess.

The MO [Modus Operandi], of the elites is to create chaotic situations, offer a solution,
and then take control to resolve the problem.  The fall of the fiat “dollar” from grace is
being carefully orchestrated by the elites whose driving ambition is centralized world
domination.  The European Union is rapidly declining as a viable Union, eventually
to go bust.  The elite globalists are seeing to it that Americans and Europeans will
suffer from the decline of their fiat currencies.   As people panic at their loss of
savings, jobs, homes [consider Greece], the elites will usher in their new world
currency “to save the day.”  Of course, people will have to give up all independence,
in the process of “being saved.” [as planned]

Wealth will disappear, just as the middle class in America has disappeared.  Financial
chaos will be on everyone’s mind and the agenda of the elite propaganda organizations,
called mainstream news, all under the hidden but guiding hand of the elites seeking
more and more consolidation of power over weaker and weaker masses, with little to
no resistance will send out the message of salvation.  How will the world be saved?

[You will have to drink the kool-aid.]

Enter the IMF, which will include the BRICS, which means China and Russia will be a
part of the solution/problem, all under the umbrella of the BIS [Bank For International
Settlements], under the watchful eye, and control, of the elites.  The New World Order
will be nothing more than a remake of the existing Old World Order going on now.  The
fact that China and Russia are supportive of the IMF and want the BRICS to have a
greater role pretty much precludes gold and silver as the next “reset” currency.

Will the fiat “dollar” die?  Unlikely, but it will undergo dramatic change, especially for
unsuspecting Americans who still believe in God and country.  God is not paying their
Social Security benefits, Medicaid/Medicare, Link cards, Food Stamps, etc, and the
government has been stealing the wealth of the nation for the past century, literally.
For the unaware, their pensions, 401k plans and IRAs are next on the agenda to be
stolen.  Maybe stolen is too harsh a word.  All retirement savings will be replaced with
worthless government securities, so we recant the word “stolen.”

Whatever, and however things change, expect all change for the worse.  Are we
exaggerating?  Why does anyone think the Frank-Dodd restrictions were just negated by
Congress?  How many Americans even know what Frank-Dodd is?  [We could rest our
case right here.]  Congress passed a bill [under the guiding direction of Jamie Dimon of
JPMorgan infamy], that is the equivalent of a banker’s “bail-in.”  What does this new
legislation do?  It puts the U S  taxpayer on the hook for the likely soon-to-fail $300+
trillion in toxic debt instruments.

Who passed the bill?  Congress.  Who demanded it?  The elite’s bankers.  Let us repeat
what we said earlier:

The elites do not make the law, they are the law.  All governments are their servants.

People do not matter, banks do.  Ask the Greeks.   Is the EU trying to do anything for the
Greek people.  No.  Not a thing.  What the EU is trying to do and demanding of Greece
is to keep the [failed] banking system alive.  That is another story, second verse.

How has all of the news events, specifically pertaining to gold and silver, impacted the
price levels?  How many more “stories” can one read, how many more charts/graphs
can one view and expect gold and silver to rally as a result?  Forget the news.  It is not
having any impact as one might be [mis]led to believe.

If you want some “news” that may impact the market, take another look at the graph
we showed last week.  The largest traders, [banks], are short over 300 million oz of
silver.  This raises two questions:  1. Why? and 2. For how much expectation for gain?
[See Probability For Lower Low Has Increased, first few paragraphs]

1. Why?  Shorts only get short for one reason: expectation of lower prices.
2. How great an expectation?  Most likely not a move from $17 down to $16 or $15.
These guys are out for blood.

The major players may be setting up one more trap to take the price of silver down to
levels most  do not expect.  How many expected crude oil to go from $105 to $45?  Those
in control do not play for petty cash, obviously.  Can they take silver down to $8 or $10?
Whatever level is in the cards being dealt by them, the purpose is to get as many people
as possible discouraged and out of the market.

It may serve well to take a personal inventory of the reasons for buying silver in the first
place.  None of those reasons has changed, and in fact, the reality of the fundamental
news continues to be compelling, just not controlling while the control rests in the hands
of the elite banking cabal.

The silver metal may be testing your own mettle for having bought it.  Will there be one
more “smashing of all support levels?”  In a world where “Anything Can Happen,” and
one not controlled by conventional supply/demand factors, one can always hope for the
best, but be aware of and prepare for the worst.

We are just being the messenger here.  Look at the news, then look at the prices where
gold and silver are.  There is a disconnect between what one believes about the news
and how price does not reflect the overwhelmingly bullish factors.  That in itself says a
lot.  You may not like what you see, but unless and until you see a change for the better,
you are going to have to trust in what is.

This is not a clarion call for doom and gloom in silver, just for an awareness of the
possibility which has an increased probability based on the COT chart.


Silver Shorts

The trend is down irrespective of all the positive news, charts, graphs, and other news
writers specializing PMs, especially those so quick to jump the gun and declare a new
bull move is underway.  The dark horizontal line used to be support but is now resistance.
At best, silver is in a bottoming process, and it is yet to be determined if the low has been
established for one certainly has not been confirmed.

SI W 7 Feb 15

The current bottoming process is not developing in a very strong manner.  It is flatter as
compared to gold.  The band of support has the look that it may hold, at least on the first
retest.  All one can do right now is be patient and observe how the character of the market

SI D 7 Feb 15

Price stopped in the middle of the TR 3 weeks ago and formed another lower swing high.
The inability for gold to rally away from obvious support means more retesting is likely,
and the more retesting that occurs the more the probability increases for a downside
break.  That is looking ahead.  For now, price could rally higher next week.  This is a
time for watching and exercising patience.

GC W 7 Feb 15

Volume clearly increased on Friday as price declined into the beginning of a support area.
Sometimes, higher volume at a new recent low can be a small washout prior to a recovery.
It would not be surprising to see a rally, next week.  For now, the near term trend is down.

GC D 7 Feb 15

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