ron-paul1Dr. Ron Paul, former Congressman from Texas, Republican Presidential candidate, and father of current Senator Rand Paul, has endorsed Owen Hill’s run for United States Senate in Colorado.

“Owen Hill is exactly the kind of person Colorado and this country needs in the US Senate.”

Dr. Paul released a public endorsement letter where he referenced Hill’s track record of standing for liberty and with the people of Colorado.

“[Hill’s] stand against the Colorado gun bills, along with his bills to eliminate the food tax, rein in unconstitutional spending and bring worker freedom to Colorado with right to work shows me he can be counted on to work for limited government and more personal liberties,” Dr. Paul said of Hill.

Dr. Paul recognized that, “these are tough things for veteran legislators to do. It is even more impressive to see a freshman take leadership and stand firm on these issues.”

“I am honored by Dr. Paul’s enthusiastic support and am grateful for his model of advancing freedom during his time in Congress,” Hill responded. “Dr. Paul built his political identity around standing for states rights, defending life, and working relentlessly to decrease the size and scope of the federal government.”

Hill concluded that, “This is yet another big milestone for our campaign. I look forward to following in the footsteps of leaders like Dr. Paul and standing along side heroic conservatives like Rand Paul in the Senate.”

Included with Dr. Paul’s endorsement was a $2,500 donation from Liberty PAC.

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