Gold And Silver – Respect The Trend But Prepare For A Reversal

Saturday  25 October 2014

When events “happen,” they happen in a directed way by the elite’s mainstream media
outlets.  News is presented in a way that is designed to appeal to mass emotions so as to
discount reasoned thinking.  You get government pimps, be they congressmen, heads of
agencies, even presidents who add their fiat 2 cents in order to give some weight to an
otherwise weightless argument.  While the “news event” is largely untrue, there is a
sufficient amount of plausibility added to disguise the misleading [never verified] facts.
In other words, psychological manipulation is the main menu of options for the elites to
keep the masses “informed,” while still very much uninformed.

As to gold and silver, there are two sides to the coin, as it were.  One is well-covered, in fact
overly covered, while the other receives coverage but with elite-imposed limitations.

One of the most basic truths in determining the value of anything is that of supply and
demand: the availability of a particular product or service [supply], and the desirability
[demand] for the product/service.  It is an axiomatic rule that cannot be broken, but it can
be distorted, as in the case for gold.  The distortion via central bank manipulation has been
so pervasive over such a long period of time, well over a half-century, that it has become

Supply for the physical has been replaced by paper.  Demand for the physical has been
replaced by [fiat and news]paper.   Ever since elite-puppet FDR issued his Executive Order
that all “persons” turn in their gold [the “news” portion], gold was replaced by the foreign-
owned Federal Reserve central bank paper issue [the fiat portion], and demand was made
to disappear from the minds of the [dis]informed public and world.  Who needs gold when
you can have the “almighty dollar?”

Gold coin, when in circulation, represented the greatest stability for medium of exchange
conditions.  As the duped American public turned in their gold coins, back in the 1930s,
[decreasing one area of demand], the coins were melted down into larger bar form, never
to return into circulation [supply].   The US was a country where a central bank did not
previously exist.  Once the privately owned Federal Reserve central banking system was
“installed” by corrupt means in 1913, in just 30 years it had successfully withdrawn the use
of gold as a means of measured wealth and replaced it with the Rothschild House of Paper.
America has never been the same, since.

Financial stability disappeared, and financial dependence on a de facto federal fiat system
began in earnest.  Yet, if you were to take a poll in the federalized US today, almost none
would make any link between the disappearance of gold and the Federal Reserve central
bank.  This is how successfully the elites work over a protracted period of time, changing
the nature and character of things through words, using apparent authority, as in the
entire US government, without ever exposing their “hidden hand” directing everything.

About one year after the Rothschild Federal Reserve banking system  took over in 1913,
there was just over $12 billion on deposit with non-fed member banks.  By the end of 1929,
these banks held just over $21 billion for a gain of about 75%.  By contrast in 1914, Fed-
member banks held $6.3 billion in reserves, and at the end of 1929, member reserves were
almost $34 billion, an increase of 430%.  Shortly after, by strong-arm power, non-member
banks ceased to exist, reminiscent of the cuckoo bird.

A cuckoo bird will lay its eggs in the nest of another bird, leaving that unsuspecting other
mother bird to raise the newly hatched cuckoo.  Once hatched, the new cuckoo bird will get
rid of any remaining eggs, and also push out any other newly hatched other-species bird.
The Rothschild central banking system, with the US Fed being the most powerful, is the
cuckoo bird of the financial world.

The so-called gold standard did not work primarily because the Rothschild banking system
would not allow it to work.  In order to maintain a gold standard, there are constraints on
the factors by which money supply can be expanded, and that hampered the Rothschild
formula for creating ever-increasing amounts of paper-issue fiat, with interest to be earned
on its issue.  With the gold standard, people bought and paid for that which they owned,
owing no one.  With the Federal Reserve eliminating the gold standard, substantially
higher multiples of paper money could be issued in the form of credit expansion.  “Buy
now, pay later,”

Fast forward to today, almost everyone in the US is living on credit, well beyond their
means, debt-serfs, if you will, to the Rothschild elite’s debt system.  Very few Americans
buy and pay for what they own unless it is on credit, to be repaid based on future
earnings.  This kind of economy did not exist in the US, over 100 years ago, prior to the
insidious establishment of the Federal Reserve central banking system.

So successful has been the Rothschild banking system that gold has been all but erased
from the American psyche.  “A barbaric relic.  You cannot eat gold.  It earns no interest.”
Can you eat Federal Reserve Notes?  Do Federal Reserve Notes earn interest, anymore?

Everyone is aware [or should be] of the unprecedented demand for gold and silver from
China and Russia to ordinary people who are buying as much gold and silver as possible.
Stories about demand have been headliners for the past few years, with a large degree of
accuracy.  Not so much when it comes to supply, however.  The real supply side of the
Supply/Demand equation has been shrouded in secrecy, lest the Western central banking
Ponzi scheme come unraveled, which it is now doing.

What you need to understand, as a precious metals buyer and holder, and that gold and
silver confiscation have always been the highest priority for the elites, accomplished via
their central banking system, for the most part, until the last decade or so when outright
theft has been employed via CIA-led or sanctioned operations, like Libya, Ukraine.

This massive distortion of propaganda, mostly against gold, suppressing it as the time-
tested store of wealth, along with silver, has served its purpose, and Newton’s Third Law
of a reaction that is proportional to the action is getting ready to come into play.  It is why
our focus over the last several months has turned totally away from all considerations of
the overblown and errant attention on the demand factors, and emphasis placed on what
the Rothschild elites have been doing to the world economy: plundering its wealth and
leaving worthless fiat and economic destruction behind.

Everyone not a part of the upper echelon elites has been financially duped by that parasitic
group, robbed of wealth, freedom, property, dignity.  While many knew that some kind of
correction would follow the highs from 2011, no one, except maybe Jim Rogers, expected
the depth of the correction down to current levels, an indication of just how much overly
power this handful of people have.

The Western banking system, and particularly the Federal Reserve, have finally become
a ticking bomb. At this point, you are either cognizant of the suppressed reality of events
that have admittedly succeeded since the 1930s, or you should not be reading articles like
this one.   It is with incredible irony that the ultimate defeat of the West will be at the
hands of the once, and still vilified “evil” nations of China and Russia.  While they are
building economic bridges around the world, fostering growth, the US/UK led West has
only debt, financial destruction, and war, including human destruction as playing cards
about to be trumped.  Sadly, it may still get uglier as the West becomes more dangerously
reactive, clearly demonstrating the elites know no other way.

Nothing, absolutely nothing will impel the price of gold and silver higher until the elites
have lost total control over their deeply entrenched system.  This means the loss in power
of the no longer almighty Federal Reserve Note, better known as the “dollar.  The never-
ending War Against [insert any reason here] by the tenant of the White House, doing the
bidding of his landlord, the New World Order banking elites, is ratcheting up as a sign of
desperation that the end is near.

When it happens, it will likely be at a fast pace, perhaps faster than most are prepared,
except for those already long the physical.  Like many, we bought physical on the way up,
held it, and added on the way down, some of which are almost half the value, in silver.  At
no time has there been any rear-view mirror regret.  This is but a temporary phase of a
seeming decline in value for taking a stance against an out-of-control Western banking
system now closer to collapse than ever before.

Will it be by the end of the year, sometime next year, or sometime thereafter?  We do not
know or care, not to be cavalier, but instead from a position of comfortable preparation.
If an unexpected jump in prices overnight occurs, as could happen, being a year early and
not a day too late will have paid off.

We do not look at fundamentals, at all, but do have a general awareness that the “story” for
silver can be more explosive to the upside than for gold.  There is some credibility to that
as found in the gold/silver ratio.  If one knew little to nothing about silver, but was aware
of this ratio, at 71+:1, gold over silver, odds favor an eventual reversal to a lower number,
be it 40:1 or 25:1, or anywhere in between.  This means silver would outperform gold.  The
point to make is how an awareness of what the market is “saying” in the charts is best and
most current source available.

There has not been any large move lower since important support was broken 6 weeks ago.
This could be a sign that the end of the decline is nearing, and even if that were true, there
is still no indication that a bottom is in place.

SI W 25 Oct 14

One need not “guess” what to do when viewing a chart.  The market provides ample
information to suit any trader/investor style.  For right now, the trend remains down,
and that tells us the odds of making money from the long side in futures is slim.  One
need not be an astute chart reader to look back at the weekly and surmise an estimate
as to how many longs are profitable over the last few years.  [Long physical is viewed
differently, at least from our perspective.]

The daily says the same thing.  The mostly sideways activity for October is not a ringing
endorsement for demand showing any degree of control.  Price has not regained broken
support, and it is far from retracing to the half-way area, 19 area, of the last swing high.
There should not be any expectations for much upside, at this juncture.

SI D 25 Oct 14

There may be some increased attention being given to a triple-bottom-for-gold scenario,
but any evidence for that conclusion is so far from consideration that it does not deserve
much attention.  The rally off the last low has been weak.  That may change starting  next
week, or some weeks later, but one can only deal with what is known for right now.  It is
equally possible, maybe even  more probable that price could be lower.  Either way, it does
not matter because the risk/reward factor is not supportive for either side.

GC W 25 Oct 14

Given the position for gold, near its lows, the likelihood of support holding above a
50% retracement, the 1219-1220 area, is not in keeping with the character of a down
trending market.  For sure, buying rallies, expecting yet a higher rally has not worked
in gold, to which we can attest from a few trades some time back.  Time is on the side
of longs who are best served being on the sidelines, for now.

GC D 25 Oct 14

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