Gold And Silver – Elite Supernova Death Dance In PMs? + Monthly Charts

Submitted by Michael Noonan

Saturday  1 November 2014

On several occasions, over as many months, comments have been made here to the effect
that reading developing market activity is the best source for knowing what to expect,
moving forward.  Most people have a need to rationalize the markets by coordinating
known events with the current price.  Last year, it was how many record coin sales around
the world would impact the market, then the number of tonnes China and Russia were
importing.  Lately, the opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange where true price discovery
could be expected, the ongoing disappearance of reserves held by COMEX and LBMA, etc,
etc, etc., none of which had the market impact for which so many had hoped.

Despite all the overt bullish demand for physical metals, gold and silver have been making
new recent lows, reaching levels few imagined, even just several months ago.  What has
been missing is an explanation for why the PMs continue to decline, and we have been
postulating that the Rothschild elites have been responsible for the perpetual downward
manipulation in defiance of known fundamentals.

History proves all fiat money systems fail, and the United States with its toxic fiat Federal
Reserve Notes, in the multi-trillions are destined to join the same fate of failure.  Is it any
different this time?  No, but degree to which circumstances have been distorted is far
beyond anything else, historically.  As a consequence, expectations have not been able to
adjust to the greatly exaggerated conditions.

A supernova is when a very big star explodes. This happens when a star runs out of
energy to make heat and light, so it collapses, then explodes, its brilliance at its peak
just prior to its ultimate demise.

What we are witnessing is the likely supernova death dance of the existing Rothschild
dynasty, flaring up in its culminating demise after a few hundred years of unparalleled
financial power.  The “silver stake” in the heart of that insidious group is silver and gold,
the kryptonite against the Rothschild central bank fiat.

This is not to imply that the end will be immediate for it may yet take much more time,
a more likely scenario.  A few indicators are the switch of the head of Deutsche Bank, as
one example.  Its current CFO is to be replaced by an ex-Goldman Sachs executive, one
of the primary sources for elite-control of how business is conducted.  This indicates the
status quo is still calling the shots.  Deutsche Skatbank is now going to charge its large
depositors a .25% fee for keeping their cash in the bank, a negative interest rate.  Only
the fiat central bankers would keep draining people of their own money.  “What’s yours
is ours,” is their motto.  As long as  it is business as usual, PM are going nowhere.

Another key event is the Swiss referendum at the end of November to see if the central
bank will be required to increase its gold holdings to 20% from the current 7.8%.  This
event will be a huge tell.  Obviously, Swiss central bankers are solidly opposed to this
restriction, preventing them from irresponsibly issuing fiat at will.  If passed, the Swiss
would have to purchase around 1,700 tonnes of gold, and that is about 70% of total
annual gold production.  It would create havoc for the gold-selling manipulators.

The referendum is popular with the people who favor a return to more sound money
management for their economy.  If the measure fails, it will once again demonstrate
that people do not matter, only bankers and their corrupt debt-enslavement of the
masses.  A win for the bankers is a loss for everyone else, and it will tell you that the
timetable for a recovery in gold and silver will still be on hold and central bankers
are still in control.  It will be a set-back for anyone’s timetable.

We cannot point to anything in the US because the public is fed a constant flow of
lies from the elite back-pocket-owned media.  Gold is not considered to be any kind
of a store of value, and its holding by the public has been erased from their pliant
minds.  The only buyers and holders of precious metals are those who are more
independently minded and more informed, but even their mental mettle is being
tested by this constant suppression of prices.

Are the elites winning?  Absolutely.  Can they persist over time?  Absolutely, but the
probability of keeping price suppressed keeps diminishing with the passage of time.
When will that point in time come?  That is another absolute, which is: not a day sooner
than when it happens, and not even the Rothschilds could provide the answer if their
sordid lives depended on it.  The best anyone can do is to accept what is, the unknown
or the unknowable.

We were as surprised as anyone that 26 in silver  did not hold, and also when it took over
a year as price moved in a trading range, and even more surprised to see a 16 handle, even
15, briefly, last week.  However, it is what it is, and it is a clear message that the elites are
not going to give up easily, if at all, even if self-destruction is required.  All anyone can do
is be prepared for what is certain to come, even though its certainty as an event is anyone’s

Are PM holders dissatisfied, disillusioned?  Many are, maybe most, but their feelings
cannot and will not change what is.  If anyone bought and held gold/silver with the
expectation of selling it for a higher price over the past year or two, then that was a
speculation, less leveraged than buying futures, but speculation nonetheless.  The
primary reason for buying and holding gold/silver, it seems, is as a store of value for
when the fiat system collapses, as it will, and under this consideration, time was less
of a factor, even though expectations have been somewhat dashed.

With little or no intent to sell one’s holdings, one has less value than in the past few
years.  It is more akin to the housing bubble.  Many who own homes have seen their
property values decline.  Does that mean home owners will sell simply because the
price has dropped?  No.  The same holds true for stackers of silver and gold.  You do
not sell simply because price is lower.  The driving down of price is intended to take
the wind out of the sails of PM holders.  That alone should be a sufficient message that
owning both gold and silver is the right tactic.

What has ben missing during this 3+ year decline in PMs has been what we have
pointed to on several occasions, a form of ending action that sends a message that a
change in trend is in progress.  Last Thursday and Friday’s sharply higher volume and
wide ranges lower is the kind of activity that leads to the end of a trend.  There is not
enough to say it has happened, to be sure, but the end game is starting to step up and
be closer to a resolve of ending of the down trend.

The monthly shows no promise of change in the direction where price has been headed.
It may not be what many want to hear, but it is what the market is indicating.  A point
to be made  for addressing the disappointment of how price has declined without respite
for the past few years.  It stems in large from believing the bullish news related to gold
and silver and hanging one’s hopes on such events, even though there was no indication
from the charts that a trend change was in the making.  This is why we never stop saying
that the charts are the best source for market indications.

Ultimately, fundamentals will prevail, but the greatest weakness of fundamentals is the
almost total absence of timing, and in the markets, as we all know, timing is everything.

SI M 1Nov 14

Here is a great example of what having a bias in a market can do.  We have talked about
bearish spacing for over a year, and it is called “bearish” spacing for a reason, that being a
sign of market weakness.  Within the trading range of the past 17 months, the market has
shown a series of lower swing highs.  A lower swing high is another indication of weakness,
and they are a hallmark of a bear trend.

Yet, price kept holding the 18.60 area, giving reason to “believe” a bottom may be forming.
[Beliefs are perceptions about reality but not necessarily reality itslef.  Change the belief,
and you change the reality.]  We are not impervious to the bullish news about PMs, and
the fact that we have been buyers of the physical before and after the highs gives a bias
toward “believing” fiat will fail and gold and silver will prevail.

Maintaining a bias translates into how markets are perceived.  The combination of bearish
spacing, a series of consecutively lower swing highs, especially when the last swing high
rally fizzled out in June, meant the probability of support breaking increased significantly.
Our bias allowed for seeing and recognizing both, but the biased “belief” partially blocked
the importance of what the market’s message was sending.  This is why we are surprised to
see support broken, but can more readily accept what is because the market never wavered
in its bearish message.

SI W 1 Nov 14

Last Thursday and Friday are signs of panic selling, based on the sharp increase in volume
at the lows.  That the sharp increase occurred at the lows tells us strong hands are in the
market taking whatever sellers have to offer.  It is too soon to assess if last week is a sign
of bottoming activity, but the level of volume is an important tell.

As an aside, the gold/silver ratio is just over 72:1, and this favors buying silver over gold
on the premise that the ratio will come in at some point in the future.  It says that at some
point, silver will out perform gold.

SI D 1 Nov 14

The fact that the gold/silver ratio still shows gold as being stronger than silver is evident
in the charts.  Gold has breached its 1170 area support, but not by much.  Keep in mind
that support is an area and not some absolute number.

GC M 1 Nov 14

Chart comments apply, and not much more can be added.

GC W 1 Nov 14

We view the sharp decline and equally sharp volume increase as a positive development.
Why?  It tells us that the end of the trend is nearing more than the market has indicated
for the past few years.  These low levels are a gift for physical PM buyers.  Anyone who
bought gold at $1,600 or higher, expecting considerably higher prices should view being
able to buy it 25% cheaper should be as ecstatic as the Chinese and Russians, both of
whom are buyers of the physical knowing full well the higher prices are coming.  Their
time frame is much longer, but their convictions as to direction are no less resolute than
yours have been and should continue to be.

Fundamentally, the most bearish news last week came from Alan Greenspan who said to
buy gold.  “Come into my house,” said the spider to the fly.

GC D 1 Nov 14


1 comment for “Gold And Silver – Elite Supernova Death Dance In PMs? + Monthly Charts

  1. November 2, 2014 at 4:25 am

    Mr. Noonan mused: “Only the fiat central bankers would keep draining people of their own money. “What’s yours is ours,” is their motto.”

    I’m afraid he hasn’t considered the fact that banknotes … are … ‘theirs’. What is a banknote but a ‘negotiable instrument’? Who created them? They’re not actually sold, but exclusively loaned. So, who else’s property can they possibly be, but the bank’s? People don’t ‘own’ leased cars, do they?

    That’s the ‘paper chains’ of economic slavery as succinctly laid out as I can make it. There is … no money … in the world today, Mr. Noonan. Only ‘negotiable instruments’ good for temporal possession of things conditioned on … interest payment. Exactly the ‘reward’ of ‘bestowal’ promised to Christ on the Mountain Top by the Devil.

    Moreover, this banknote loan scheme automatically inflates in an exponential process, whereby compounding interest obligation compels ever more banknote issue … infinitely. As ‘Debt Saturation’ unfolds to a critical level, it brings the onset of a Terminal Condition, where global cascading defaults can’t be avoided. This is already well into its progress which is what all this ‘monetization’ of debt (aka: ‘QE’) is … really … all about.

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