Gold And Silver – Financial World: House Of Cards Built On Sand

Saturday  18 October 2014

Take heart PM community, your turn is coming.  What is happening in the stock market is
a harbinger of what is sure to come for gold and silver, at some point in the future.  When?
Ah, that elusive question the answer to which so many want to know, the same answer to
which so many so-called prognosticators have serially gotten wrong over the past few
years.  The best answer is patience.

It is highly unlikely that a single bank, at least in the Western fiat central banking system,
is solvent.  All, repeat, all banks are insolvent, propped up by the Rothschild system that
few can successfully challenge.  All banks exist by accounting deceit and every kind of
threat, indirect or otherwise, that it is not wise to challenge the international banking
cartel [on the verge of collapse].  Russia and China are rising to the occasion rather timely.

What is the result of “printing” trillions upon trillions of fiat currency?  While it has not
yet played itself out, due to market distortions by “The Powers That Be,” history shows
that all fiat paper currency systems failIs it any different this time around.  No!
The only thing “different” would be the mechanics of how the Western system will fail.
A combination of computers and the internet have given the elites a decided upper hand
that has enabled the “disenabling” system they run an extended life, if you will, in their
ability to perpetuate fiat deceit.

As an aside, most people are totally unaware of the extent to which the elites have been
able to dominate every facet of human life on this planet.  Control is not a strong enough
word to describe the extent and depth of the evil they wrought in their utterly corrupt
ambitions to rule as a one-government New World Order.

We believe we have a degree of insight on some of the ways in which events have been
played out on the world’s stage, the coup d’etat against the United States by the
Rothschild moneychangers, the final nail in the proverbial coffin being the takeover of
the United States currency with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and the
simultaneous abdication  of Congress in its Constitutional duty to Article 1, Section 8:
“To coin money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of
Weights and Measures;

“To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting of the Securities and current Coin of
the United States;”   [There has never been any indictment or punishment of anyone
from the Federal Reserve Banking System for the counterfeiting Ponzi scheme run by
that private banking cartel over the past 101 years.  There has, however, been many
examples of punishment for those who have opposed the Rothschild central banking
system, the assassinations of Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, and Kennedy as the most

There have been hundreds of thousands of deaths of lesser known people as a result of
opposing the elite’s system, almost all of which cannot be directly linked to those in
control.  Remember the more than a dozen  bankers who “suicided” themselves in the
past few years, one by several “self-inflicted shots from a nail gun.”  It is possible that
the number of deaths over time may be in the millions.  We will never know.

There is so much more that would be  shocking to anyone’s senses to hear and learn
of the degree to which psychological, economical, educational, medical, and biological
warfare has been directed against The People, or those not a part of the diabolically
corrupt system controlling and running everything, by the moneychangers.

Back to that to which some people can relate.  There is one reason and one reason only
why the stock market has been going up in “paper value,” an oxymoron in itself, and it
has been a direct result of pouring in trillions of freshly printed fiat currency from the
banking system into the stock market.  We gave up on participating in that Ponzi scheme
a few years ago, not willing to abet the corruption and greed of the Wall Street scammers,
the largest firms that control the markets, and the federal government.

This has been a result of  cheap available “money,” [available only to bankers to support
the corrupt and totally insolvent banking system], [mis]used to perpetuate the myth that
unbridled money printing can sustain the economy, when as any reasonably literate
person has to know that an infinite supply of money can only destroy the system.

If anything has been learned from the 2008 real estate and stock market bubbles, too
many have either forgotten or disregarded recent history.  Last week’s decline and speed
in the stock market is the first shot across the bow that this fantasy called a stock market
rally is beginning to end.  It often takes several months for a market to top, and one need
only look back at the 2008 stock market to see how a top unfolds.  The details or the
mechanics of the market top may differ, but the net results, a precipitous decline, will not.

The point for buyers and holders of gold and silver is to see how blatant, unless you watch
and believe in the elite’s mainstream media cartel, the stock market has been manipulated,
a word familiar to the PMs markets.  The beginning of the end is about to unfold right
before your eyes.  It is impossible for the central banks to keep printing money to feed a
broken system.  Almost all markets have been distorted by the Rothschild central
planners, and the extent to which  distortions have been disrupting the natural order of
events, it will result in an equal and opposite effect will eventually ensue.

We discussed this in July 2013.  [See article about Newton’s Third Law, {7th par.}]  We
stated even then that we did not know when the market decline would end but was more
optimistic that the end would be sooner than the now later time frame.  It may be
changing to the sooner-now-rather-than-later situation, but no one knows, and our point
continues to be that knowing does not matter…preparation does.

The damage being done to the world economy has no precedent.  The extent to which the
world is being manipulated has no precedent.  The degree of endless “wars” engaged in
and provoked by the United States in has no precedent. The amount of worthless
“currency” being used by the moneychangers to fleece the world of its wealth does have
a precedent in the Rothschild formula, but the degree to which it has been utilized has
no precedent.

One day, and it is a certainty, the value of gold and silver will double, triple, or some
unknown multiple of current suppressed values, and those who have been bemoaning
the current prices will be equally rewarded as those who have kept the faith and knew
that it was just a matter of time.

In the world of fundamentals, timing is never an absolute or a factor.  In the world of
charts that track developing market activity, which is actually a more accurate way of
reading all of the known and yet to be known fundamental considerations, timing is
everything.  So far, the moneychanger manipulators still have the upper [dirty] hand.

The gold/silver ratio has recently risen above 71:1, after staying in the 68:1 area for a
while.   It should be more closely watched for those considering a switch from gold into
silver, or some portion of their gold holdings into silver.  For our reasoning on why, see
Magic Of Gold/Silver Ratio article from July.  Yes, there is a “give-up” cost in the number
of ounces exchanged in the process, but do the numbers to determine if it is worthwhile.

If the ratio were at 73:1, for example, maybe you will get a 68:1 exchange from a dealer.
10 oz of gold = 680 oz of silver.  At some point the ratio goes under 40:1, and you get an
exchange at 45:1.  Your 680 oz of silver is exchanged into 15 oz of gold, or 50% more in
gold had you opted not to do an exchange  because there was a “cost” involved.  Who
knows, the ratio could get back to the 20:1 area, and an exchange at 25:1 from a dealer
would yield almost 28 oz of gold, almost tripling the 10 oz when started.   One thing
about the future, Anything Can Happen!    A pre-set mind can be limiting.

Consider the above when considering the below.  Just a thought.

SI W 18 Oct 14

What can be said about the decline under broken support is that there is no acceleration to
it.  When price broke the important 26 support level, it immediately [almost] went to 18+.
Breaking 18.50, the decline, so far, has “only” been to 17, where it has been consolidating,
as opposed to being driven lower.  Price may continue lower, or not, but at a much lower
pace, and that is a positive.

Regardless of the final level of decline for silver, keep in mind the bigger picture of reality
as it temporarily remains distorted by fiat fiction, but a fiction that has lasted longer in it
temporary phase than most have expected.  It is what it is, and that is what we must all
deal with, for now.

SI D 18 Oct 14

Weekly gold, second verse same as the first.

GC W 18 Oct 14

1240 was an area of resistance, for us.  Price rallied to 1250.  Does this mean the beginning
of a change in pattern behavior?  Possibly, but it does not matter because there is not
enough information to declare a change in trend is under way.  Will the rally extend higher
into next week?  Possibly, but the probability is low.  What will be of keener interest is how
the next reaction lower develops.  If the ranges narrow and volume declines, it will indicate
a lessening of selling pressure.  If ranges widen and volume increases, there is no promise
that support will hold, as it failed in silver.

We have no clue how the next reaction will develop, and we do not need to know ahead of
time.  All we need do is be prepared for the information the market provides and then be
in a position to respond and not have to guess.

Patience is not a common trait for futures traders.  [It is for holders of the physical].  The
best on can do for now is to be patient, grasshopper.

GC D 18 Oct 14


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