Gold And Silver – New World [Dis]Order Continues To Slip

Saturday  2 August 2014

Earlier in the year, we stated 2014 could be like 2013, price-wise, and that appears to be
playing out.  However, as the idiom goes: appearances can be deceiving, and it is certainly
true of the chart prices for gold and silver.  The natural forces of supply and demand would
have PM prices much higher, if for no other reason than an inflation adjustment.  It is the
ongoing exertion of unnatural forces that have been dictating prices for so long.

The irony of the go-nowhere-but-down price action, since the highs of three years ago, is
that the charts do not portend the unfortunate possibility of war.  By the conclusion of the
sentence just written, it is apparent that war has been dominating the news over the past
decade but in smaller, but still deadly skirmishes, as opposed to bigger conventional wars.
First, Bush Jr, now Obama have been pushing very hard for war of any kind in the hopes
of preserving the existence of the fiat Fed “petro-dollar” as the world’s reserve currency.

There is no country that has initiated more wars than the US, both directly and indirectly,
and no single Western country leader has been leading the charge for war than Obama.  As
the active agent carrying out the behind-the-scenes decisions for the New World [Dis]
Order as it “seems” to lapse further and further into chaos, Obama has been alienating just
about every other country, friend or foe.

The most serious situation remains Ukraine.  It makes no difference to Obama that the
knee-jerk reaction blaming Russia for the purposeful downing of the Malaysian plane has
proven totally false, adding more innocents killed in the pursuit of provoking Putin and
casting Russia in a bad light.  Increasing sanctions over other [useless] sanctions is not
finding favor in the European countries that face meaningful economic negative
repercussions.  All that the sanctions are accomplishing is greater and greater isolation
of the war-bent US, while expecting other countries to bear the costs, economically and

A few weeks ago, our article on Germany being pivotal in leaving the Western fold and
aligning with the growing Eurasion force, here, is still more important than ever.  If only
Germany were less equivocating and took a firmer stance.  Why not, Germany?  The US
refuses to return your gold, [“If you do not hold it, you do not own it” applies to nations as
well as individuals], and the NSA has been engaging in espionage on a massive scale.  If
this is not enough reason to be affronted and accompanied by an immediate reaction that
shows backbone, then hypocrisy seems to be the main diplomatic means for all of Europe
and not just Germany.

There is also a broader point to be made.  If the US can get away with offending its closest
allies and still have support from them, it goes to show how far the US is willing to go in
order to defend its main ATM source, exporting the petro-dollar as the world’s reserve
currency at the expense of every other nation holding US Treasury bonds, [not so much
anymore in BRICS-land]  The choice the US offers to its allies is: War with us, or switch
to the other side that is building economic ties in order to prosper, but if you switch, you
will suffer financial repercussions.  That tune has been wearing very thin.

All central banks around the world are insolvent.  Almost all Western countries are also
insolvent, held together by paper fiat and massive amounts of derivatives that few lay
people comprehend.  No matter.  Those in charge of the accomplice Western governments
are not willing to risk their power and “prestige” and are willing to destroy nations in
order to save the elite’s banking system.

Back to Germany.  It has every reason to take a leadership role in telling the US that war
and sanctions are not viable options.  German businesses, at least 3,000 of them, have
strong economic ties to Russia, and increasing ties with China.  Frankfurt is vying to be a
major financial player with its Yuan swap facility, seeking to best London.  Germany
receives 30% – 40% of its energy supplies from Russia, not a situation conducive to
supporting harmful sanctions against that country.

India just stood up to the  World Trade Organization by refusing to sign on the a global
trade agreement at the proverbial 11th hour, putting the WTO future in doubt.  As a
member of BRICS, India is taking the necessary stance for future economic growth and
sovereign stability.  The number of countries wanting to be associated with the BRICS
cartel grows month-by-month.  The US is slowly but surely slumping into world isolation
that will end very badly for vastly unaware and politically comatose US citizens.

China, Russia, and now India have become the standard-bearers for disengaging from the
US dollar as a trade requirement.  For as long as the rest of the Western world allows the
US to call the shots, gold and silver will stay at/near these current low levels.  The elites
and  the US FED will not allow gold to rival it worthless fiat “dollar.”  The problem for the
elites and the US FED is that more and more nations are peeking behind the curtain only
to see that the “Wizard” is as phony as its fiat.

When you look at the charts for gold and silver, it is obvious that the[hollow] messages of
the US are having their desired effect, for the charts show that the protracted TR of the
past few years has not ended, nor do it exhibit any sign[s] of ending.  The dumping of
$3.7 billion worth of gold at one time, in mid-July, proves manipulation by central banks
is alive and well.

Apart from the paper market, there is no reason for anyone to change their habit of buying
physical gold and silver.  The end game, [of manipulation and US/UK paper derivative
dominance] is closer and closer.  When will the PM stake finally be driven into the “heart”
of the elite’s banking system is an unknown, and absolute unknown.  The breakdown has
been gradual, but it will end with a speed that will take many by a shocking surprise.  The
best preparation against the collapse of the fiat banking system is the accumulation of
gold and/or silver.  This is not a “prepper” site, so advocating buying guns, ammunition,
food and storing water is for others to promote as a worthwhile endeavor.

The end of each month presents an opportunity to look at the larger time frame context.
At the end of July, there is little to be gleaned from the monthly.  In this time frame, as
well as the weekly, price continues to move along the RHS of the TR [Right Hand Side of
the Trading Range].  It gets closer and closer to a resolve, a breakout one way or the other.
When price is in the middle of a trading range, the level of knowledge is at its lowest.

The fact that the decline is holding slightly under support is a mild overall positive, but it
is not a factor as a reliable degree of support.

GC M 2 Aug 14

Most want answers as to what the market will do.  Based on the monthly and weekly, not
much can be expected as price remains about in the middle of the TR.  When we say that
the level of knowledge is at its lowest, price can rally to the top of the range and still fail,
or decline to the bottom and hold.  The odds of one event over the other are 50%, or a coin
toss, and those are unfavorable odds upon which to base a decision to buy or sell.

The arrow indicating what could be a key bar will not tell anyone what the market will do
in advance, but watching how price develops in that 8 week trading area can give clues on
the probability of price moving one way or the other.  For now, the rally of 8 weeks ago
continues to hold.  If the range[s] narrow and volume lessens on the correction, it will be
an indication that sellers are not or cannot press the market lower, and that can set up a
buy opportunity.  That information can only be known after the fact, but by following the
market’s direction soon after confirmation can lead to greater probability trades that have
reduced risk and a higher likelihood of being profitable.

GC W 2 Aug 14

The fact that the correction on the daily chart has almost reached the low-end of the D/S
bar [Demand overcoming Supply], tells us the general tome of the market for buyers is not
that strong.  Buyer beware.

GC D 2 Aug 14

Clearly, silver remains entrenched in its lower level TR within a broad down trend.  Before
any rally can develop, buyers must prove themselves by strong rallies and increased
volume that are sustained with less give-back on any correction[s].  For now, buyers are
AWOL [Absent WithOut Leave].

SI M 2 Aug 14

Weekly silver is similar to weekly gold in its price behavior, although the retracement is
not quite as deep for silver.  A look at the daily may be more helpful.

SI W 2 Aug 14

Of all the charts, daily silver appears to be the most constructive, from a long side view.
Silver is weaker than gold, but this daily chart is stronger than the daily chart for gold.
There are two interesting factors that make watching silver as a better guide.  Firstly,
the current correction is not as deep into the D/S bar, silver being in a weaker overall
market makes it a better relative sign of behavior.  Secondly, the increased .volume on
Friday was greater than the volume on Thursday’s decline.

This is a bit more detailed, but it demonstrates how the market sends the most reliable
information.  Thursday’s decline bar was much wider, showing greater ease of decline,
and price closed on the low.  Compare Friday’s smaller range on increased volume.  An
increase in volume means more selling and buying effort, and note that the close was
closer to the middle of the bar, just under the open, and not much lower than Thursday’s

Here, the market is telling us that on increased effort the range was smaller, the close was
nearer the middle, and not much lower when compared to Thursday.  For all the increased
effort, why couldn’t sellers push price lower and have a poorer close?  The answer is that
buyers were also increasing their effort and were relatively stronger than sellers which is
why the range did not extend lower and price did not close much lower.  We see concrete
signs of buying activity near the end of an almost 3 week decline.

One more point.  The highest selling volume occurred 7 TDs earlier.  What has been the
result of all the largest selling effort?  Did price continue lower?  No, it moved sideways
over the next 5 TDs.  Why did not price go lower?  Because a good part of that increased
volume was in the form of stronger handed buyers absorbing the sellers.  Strong hand
money does not care about a 5, or 10, or even a 50 cent move against them.  Their main
concern is establishing position.

Always remember, smart money is the cause of sharp volume increases, so one must pay
attention to where they occur and why.  The fact that price moved sideways instead of
continuing lower was a clue.  The fact that volume increased again, near the low and not
much lower than the close from 7 TDs earlier, tells us that the increased volume is smart
money quietly accumulating long positions, leaving behind tell-tale signs that anyone
can see, if they look and take the time to sort out.

Is the analysis on point?  Whether it is or not is not the point.  What matters is we have a
read on developing market activity that suggests buyers are stepping up their activity.  It
could be  in the form of short-covering and not necessarily new position buying.  What this
information does is provide an anchor for tracking subsequent developing market activity
to see if it confirms these observations.  This is what leads to higher quality trades.

SI D 2 Aug 14


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