Gold And Silver – Trend Change Developing, Just Not Confirmed.

Saturday  12 July 2014

If you never read a newspaper, listened to television/radio, or read any one of the
numerous blogs that exist and were left with just charts to look at, the information
contained in the them would put you head and shoulders above everyone else.


Charts contain the resulting input from all the decision-makers, from the most
informed to the least informed, and the aggregate information that can be gleaned
from news, regardless of source, including blogs and so-called expert opinions can
not be superior to that combination of price and volume over time, found in the

There has been a smart rally over the past two months, but far from the strongest and
the most dollar gain.  It is still occurring within the confines of a protracted TR [Trading
Range].  The June and December 2013 respective rallies gained much more, and the
current rally may as well, but we can always only deal with what is known and not what
may or may not come to pass.

Price has rallied just above the 50% of range level, but the past three week rally has
overlapping bars, more a sign of struggle between buyers and sellers, by contrast with
bars that have much less overlap, like the rallies of January and July 2012.  A better
example would be the decline from the March high on the daily chart below.  The ease
of movement is much clearer to the downside.  This does also happen in rallies, just not
yet in gold.

It cannot yet be determined if this will lead to a change in trend, hence the NMT, or
Needs More Time.  The daily chart may provide better clues.

GC w 12 Jul 14

D/S = Demand overcoming Supply, [determined by a very wide range bar, strong rally
and close, typically on a large increase in volume], followed by 13 TDs [Trading Days], of
mostly overlapping bars.  In an up trend, this would have been a no-brainer to buy into.
In a TR within a larger down trend, it becomes riskier.  We have attempted long positions
in both gold and silver on apparent strength, in the recent past, with poor results.
Whenever anything is in the middle of a TR, the level of trading knowledge is at its lowest,
and one should be more cautious and respect the trend.

Last Thursday’s high volume, wide range breakout is hard to ignore.  The question then
becomes, How to establish a long position [in futures]?  What most people do not know or
understand is how one form of market activity confirms [or negates] what preceded it.

The 19 June D/S needs to be confirmed.  The confirmation is typically a weak reaction,
lasting between 3 – 8 TDs, and on smaller range down bars and less volume.  This says
sellers are weak.  If during the course of a correction the down bars are wide and volume
increases, the rally will not likely stand.  You do not need to read about anything in the
news to know this.  It is the activity market itself that makes this information known, first-
hand, as it develops.

Thursday’s upside breakout on increased volume gave the green light to get long, if one
did not use the previous information of the past few weeks to do so.  Intra day activity
will show this in greater detail.

GC D 12 Jul 14

After the 19 June then surprise strong rally, price moved sideways for two weeks of TDs.
This was clearly a weak reaction, but occurring in a sideways to down trend, depending
on which time frame used, but not up, in any event.  There was still a possibility that the
sideways activity could lead to another turn down.

Mention for context must be made that weak reactions to price rallies, more especially in
an up trend, lead to higher prices.  This market premise does not always hold as true in a
down trend.

Confirmation that the weak reaction would lead to higher prices came on the 10th, last
Thursday, with another D/S bar upside breakout on increased volume.  The clinching
clue comes from the highest intra day negative volume, see arrow.  There was no further
downside, and that is the market letting us know that the selling was from weak holders
and the buying was going into strong hands.  This confirms the same thing from starting
on 19 June.

The smaller intra day correction that held above the breakout was used to establish an
entry with about a $1,000 risk.  Odds favor higher prices next week, but nothing is ever
guaranteed.  How the market activity develops in the days and weeks ahead will provide
all the information/confirmation needed.

Of course, this is good news for holders and buyers of physical gold, and eventually
higher prices will prevail.  By holding physical, market corrections are less important,
as is true of timing.  The stage is set, and gold has never failed to preserve value, even
increase worth, historically speaking.

GC 90m 12 Jul 14

Silver has yet to break its primary down trend line, but developing market activity
preceding it will give advance notice, as discussed in gold.  Silver has been in a TR
without turning up.  There is no known formula for how long a TR will persist.  What
is known for certain is the farther price moves along the RHS [Right Hand Side], of a
TR, the closer it comes to reaching an eventual resolve.

The market will provide clues as to the when, a few of which were discussed in gold.
There are numerous ways in which a market conveys solid information, and one has to
exercise a lot of patience to follow the market’s lead, as opposed to one’s own preferred
time frame of sooner rather than later.

Here again, knowledge of the fundamentals has not been pivotal in discovering the
when” factor.  Even those with the greatest expertise, or the most detailed information
have been way off in timing, as often happens.  Despite the numerous calls for much
higher prices over the past few years, the market’s TR has been the most reliable of all
indicators that higher prices will not come unless and until price successfully moves  out
of the TR to the upside.  Sentiment aside, there has been no confirming evidence of that.

The clustering of prices over the past few weeks, followed by last weeks upside breakout
is a potentially positive sign.  There are sill many overhead obstacles, and how the market
behaves when approaching them will give us the best information of what to expect.

SI W 12 Jul 14

Silver’s slightly stronger reaction to the 19 June D/S rally bar gave stronger reason to take
a long position in the futures.  Our more conservative approach of waiting for a correction
that leads to  stronger likelihood of upside continuation occurred in overnight trade that
increased the risk for regular trading hours.  There were one or two occasions when we
almost pulled the trigger, but hesitation while the market rallied kept increasing the risk
exposure.  The trend is not up, so there will be many more occasions while waiting for an

When you see increased volume on sell bars [those with a close lower than the preceding
bar], and/or selling volume diminish on down bars, it is an indication that sellers are not
actively in control, and price needs to rally higher to uncover new selling efforts.  This is
how to use the information the market provides in order to take a position and possibly
obtain a trading edge.

The second D/S rally bar gave another, albeit higher entry opportunity.

SI D 12 Jul 14

Contrary to the 90m intra day gold chart, silver’s high volume sell off attempt, on the
10th, closed just marginally lower than the preceding bar, but more importantly, on the
high-end of the bar itself, a clear sign that buyers had overwhelmed sellers and took
control.  It was sufficient confirmation that the previous TR formation was likely

By observing the highest intra day volume bar was to the downside, and seeing there was
zero follow through lower, the market was telling us the increased volume came from weak
sellers, weak longs taking some short-term profits, and buyers were of the strong hand
kind.  That indicated that price would not likely continue lower, and for the day, at least,
we were seeing what should amount to a successful retest of the upside breakout.  This was
for the futures market.

Another piece of information taken from the market is that when selling at one level does
not move price lower, expect continuation to the upside that will eventually uncover the
price level that will induce sellers and create resistance

Being long physical silver, always advocated as the smartest financial decision to make by
getting rid of the overinflated fiat paper Federal Reserve Note, has been more rewarding
the past few months, and that will continue with each new passing week or month.

As the read of developing activity in price and volume proves, the market sends out the
best and most reliable information, and the information sent each day supersedes all
other sources.  Markets never lie.

SI 90m 12 Jul 14

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