Gold And Silver – PMs Will Rise With “Dollar” Demise, Just Not Soon.

Saturday  9 August 2014

What do you get when a bunch of unelected bureaucrats band together?   The EU.  How is
the EU different from the US?  There is no difference, except that the US has the illusion
of electing bureaucrats.  The de facto corporate federal government remains undiscovered
by the vast majority of US citizens.  Thanks goes to the Rothschilds for setting everything

When one utilizes the axiom, “Follow the money,” all roads lead to the Rothschilds and
their formula of gaining control of a nation’s money supply and then making all the rules.
While that is the simplified version, it is no less insidiously true.  In the process of gaining
control of a nation’s money supply, each country’s gold holdings were ransacked, and in
the case of the US, the then world’s largest silver holdings were also stolen.

By following the money in the US, one sees the trail of US Treasury Notes that were specie
backed by silver and gold.  The nation prospered, and inflation was a non-issue.  After the
Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, the privately owned bank, called the Federal
Reserve, began circulating Federal Reserve Notes that were also specie-backed, to circulate
alongside US -issued Treasury Notes.

This went on for a few decades, until the 1930s, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared
a “bank holiday.”  Why?  The US was forced into bankruptcy by the Rothschild elites, and
when the banks were closed for a few days, they reopened under direct control of the
Federal Reserve central bank.  What was little noticed was that the specie-backing of gold
and silver for the Federal Reserve Noted were gradually withdrawn, without any word to
the public.  At the same time, specie backed US Treasury Notes were withdrawn from
circulation and destroyed!

The Rothschilds will not accept any competition.  The US Treasury Notes were allowed to
circulate alongside the Federal Reserve Notes so that the public would accept both and see
no difference between the two, so that by the time the US Notes were purposefully taken
out of circulation, the remaining Federal Reserve Notes, also labeled as and called
“dollars” were readily received as the nation’s currency.  The first stage of the world’s
largest Ponzi scheme succeeded.  Next was the removal and eventual suppression of the
price of gold, an ongoing activity by central banks, with the collusion of the bought-and-
paid-for de facto government from that time and up to this day, and for the foreseeable

Since the United States has been bled dry of all its gold and silver, and the fiat Federal
Reserve Note has just about run its course as the world’s reserve “petrodollar” currency,
the next grand prize is Russia, the world’s richest natural resource country, by far.  The
attack on Russia and/or confrontation has been going on for decades, also using NATO
to encircle that country militarily.  The most recent provocation is Ukraine, in a so far
politically botched attempt to weaken Russia and paint Putin as negatively as possible.

Why go after Russia?  Its leadership role in providing liquid natural gas and other energy
supplies to Europe has been posing a threat to the supremacy of the fiat Federal Reserve
pertrodollar.   China also plays a role, perhaps an even larger one in the “de-dollarization”
in world trade that will ultimately plunge the US deep into Third-world living status, and
an irreversible change that will shock unprepared US citizens when “dollar” devaluations
kick in.

The stranglehold of the Western world’s financial banking system by the elites is not about
to be easily wrested from them.  The willingness to see Ukraine destroyed as a nation, as
well as so many innocent lives, is an example of how the elite-led US warmonger will do
whatever it takes to try to weaken and demonize Russia and Putin.  The fact that Obama
stated that the downing of Malaysian flight 17 was Putin’s doing, immediately after the
event, and parading fawning US generals on national television to also echo that Russia
was to blame prove to be totally false.  It has since been proven that the US-directed Kiev
air military purposefully shot down the commercial airliner, killing all innocent people on
board as an act to blame Russia.  This is how the elites operate, not caring who or how
many people are killed in their pursuit of maintaining monetary control.

Obama has been doing everything possible to start another war in order to keep the fiat
Federal Reserve Note “dollar” propped up.  Going after Russia exposes the US as nothing
more than war-driven inept, but dangerous fools.  Now, Obama is starting to drop bombs
in Iraq to counter the ISIS terrorists taking over that bombed-out, broken country.  Who
are the ISIS terrorists?  The same group armed and trained by the CIA to fight in Syria.
Well-trained and well-armed, these extremists have gone rogue, a consequence of the
supposedly hidden agenda of defending the fiat “dollar,” people be damned in the process.

The idiotic sanctions Obama keeps on imposing on Russia are now backfiring even more.
Putin is striking back, banning food imports from the EU.  This is just what the insolvent
EU nations need, more weakening of their economies.  It is costly for EU nations to be the
lap-dog for Obama.  Soon, reality self-survival will surface, and EU nations will learn to
just say No!  Austria already has.  France has.  Bulgaria is on the fence, depending on how
quickly the IMF can put pressure on Bulgarian banks.

Germany has been lacking integrity, with over 3,000 businesses dealing extensively with
Russia, with 30%-40% of its energy needs coming from Russia.  Russia is using German
lawyers to improve Russia’s international laws to improve the willingness of foreigners
to conduct business with Russia.  Why does anyone think Germany will  alienate Putin
and put their economical strength at risk?  Yet, Germany [Merkel] is dragging her feet
in breaking away from the model of war and banking suicide, in favor of aligning with
greater growth and financial health with Eurasian nations.  An inexplicable Why?

The fact that the West is fading fast, choking on trillions in worthless derivatives that
are propping up the all but failed Western financial system, and can keep countries like
Germany in the fold is a testament to how fierce the elites will exert whatever control
they can over each country, mostly by financial  threat of destroying the country’s
banking viability.

Russia to Europe:  You want gas?  It will cost you.  Price?  Pay in rubles, yuan, maybe
even gold.  You want to pay in “dollars?”  No sale.

What does all of this have to do with the price of gold?  The US/UK central banks are
still manipulating prices, refusing to allow any consideration for gold being viewed as
money alternative, at least in the West.  The BRICS and associate countries ain’t
buying what the West is selling, in that regard, but the BRICS are buying gold, as much
as they can at these artificially low prices.  Nothing else matters, certainly not any
conventional fundamentals.

Once the grip of the fiat “dollar” gives way, and it is slowly losing ground, then the price
for gold and silver will find their more natural value.  Not until.  When might that happen?
It could be weeks, it could be months, maybe even another year or two, but whenever it
happens, it is more likely to be an overnight “adjustment,” with little or no gradual rise,
as many may expect.  The price could be $1,300 or $1,800 one day, and the next day it
could be $4,500 or $7,500 the ounce.  No one knows for certain, but at least you know
some of the options.  Plan accordingly.

A look at the backed-by-nothing-but-fear-of-consequences-for-not-using-it fiat Federal
Reserve Notes, aka the “dollar,” show it locked in a seemingly harmless Trading Range,
[TR].  Since October 2013, rallies have been weak, staying under the 50% retracement
of range area.  There are no signs of impending demise for the Index, which is exactly
what one would expect from the master manipulators.

DX W 9 Aug 14

Two things stand out in this chart:  1. price remains locked in a lower end TR, and 2. the
entire TR is well under the Bearish Spacing price area.  Notwithstanding the comments on
the chart, these two obvious, observable facts tells us that gold continues to be suppressed.
What is kept invisible as a part of the active suppression are the  controlling derivatives
and the banker positions that offset the huge down days to keep prices low.

The collapse of the derivatives may be a function of or cause of the “dollar” collapse, and
when it happens, it will be the triggering mechanism to catapult gold higher “overnight,”
literally.  Not owning physical gold is a huge risk.  Retaining whatever physical already in
possession will be a financial life-saver.  Keep buying whenever and whatever you can, and
do not be concerned about the “When?” question.  No one knows when prices will rise.
Stay the course.

GC W 9 Aug 14

Gold had its strongest rally since the July swing high, but the read of Friday’s bar activity
suggests sellers won the battle that day.  It has not worked to buy high for breakouts in
gold, so one must be more select when working the buy side.

What is important to watch for next is how price reacts from Friday’s high.  If the market
is to continue to rally, the next correction should have smaller ranges to the downside on
a lessening in volume.  This will tell us the selling is weak.  As the daily chart stands, it is
not giving any clear sign of market strength.  That could change next week, but until the
change occurs,  gold will continue to struggle.

GC D 9 Aug 14

Not much has changed since last week’s analysis, except one more week added to the RHS
[Right Hand Side] of the developing TR.  There are no apparent signs of accumulation on
the part of buyers, so more of the same activity can be expected, at least until a clearer
change is affected.

SI W 9 Aug 14

The chart comments are the best summation for how to view silver.  This is a great level to
keep increasing one’s accumulation, with the gold/silver ratio favoring the purchase of
silver over gold, for now.  Keep on stacking!

SI D 9 Aug 14

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