Gold And Silver – Fed Taper? Never! Never, Never, Ever.


by Michael Noonan of Edge Trader Plus

Saturday  21 September 2013

The proverbial handwriting has been on the wall for quite some time.  Lying Ben
Bernocchio just sealed the fate of the already doomed fiat Federal Reserve Note, aka the
“dollar,” along with the financial well-being of most unsuspecting Americans who will be
unprepared for what is going to happen, at some point and with certainty.  Collapse.

The Fed announcement not to taper was a “surprise” to all mainstream media talking
heads[less], who must tow the Party line or join the growing millions of other Americans
out of a job.  Without the faux fiat injections into the stock market, it would collapse, as it
inevitably will, anyway.  Those in that market should be prepared for the worst for the
worst will happen.

If the Fed were to taper, it would immediately burst the largest financial bubble ever
created by central bankers, all under the aegis of abetting Western governments.  Rather
than burst the bubble and be held accountable, the Fed will keep feeding the financial
tapeworm until the host Western world is utterly consumed.

How many companies are there actually showing earnings?  It must be closer to none
than to 100.  Yet, the stock market made new all time highs this past week.  With zero
percent interest rates, all older savers dependent upon interest returns during their
retirement years have none.  They are, and have been getting financially screwed, while
bankers have been handsomely rewarded with huge bonuses.  No outrage, however.

All pension funds are under the same duress.  The ultimate victim[s] is all of America
as Ben and the Boyz steal what remaining “wealth” is available through their fiat Ponzi
scheme, in place ever since the Federal Reserve Act of 23 December 1913.

We are all trapped in this ultimate Weimar-type bubble created by central bankers using
exactly the same banking system in place under the Weimar Republic.  Details are of no
consequence because they have been known for decades and ignored all throughout.

Who are some the beneficiaries of all this future trauma and trouble?

Those who own and personally hold physical gold and silver.  No paper promises, which
are ultimately IOUs, and when push comes to shove, which it surely will, good luck trying
to collect on them.  If the M F Global theft does not resonate with any paper holders, then
nothing will.

Do not believe that the Fed will taper.  In all likelihood, the Fed will increase, not taper.
When you see that happen, there is no more cover for all the lies being sold in America.
You have to know that when the ultimate central planner player, Larry Summers, opts
out of the job of his life, it tells you that the replacement for Lying Ben is being set up
to take the fall.

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