No Fed Taper Confirms: R.I.P. US dollar


The Fed did not taper, what a surprise, NOT! Maybe it was a surprise to the Wall Street muppets who thought the US economy is recovering or the plastic people on television reading their teleprompter. This decision today is confirmation QE will NEVER END. It can never end. If it does, interest rates will rise uncontrollably and the entire fractional reserve debt-standard banking system collapses. The Fed has lost any remaining credibility it may have had before today. The Fed is exposed as a failure.

I have been saying since the very first day QE was announced five years ago in 2008 QE can never end. Actually, if the Fed does not INCREASE QE, interest rates will continue to rise. Not only can QE never end, but because the debt-money supply is perpetually growing in absolute size it must continue to INCREASE QE in absolute size forever. There is only one unavoidable conclusion remaining to this insanity, hyperinflation. It may take a while for us to get there as the Fed has the global cartel of central banks to help it export US dollar inflation overseas while itlies to the American people about the true level of price inflation and suppresses the prices of gold and silver, or it may not take that much time at all. Looking at the immediate reaction by the market bidding gold +5% higher and silver +6% higher almost instantly, it looks like the market may be seeing the event horizon sooner rather than later.

The destruction of the US dollar by the Federal Reserve System highlights the number one counter party risk to storing your wealth in US dollar digital and/or paper fiat money: the Federal Reserve System itself. Physical gold and silver have the least counter party risks of all money options currently available and therefore, over the long term, are the safest money options to protect your wealth during these times of insanity. Back in April I wrote the three part Knowmadic Life series “Inflation, Deflation and Wealth Protection” specifically covering this topic in great detail. If you can get through all three parts you will be armed with sufficient knowledge to immune yourself from the Fed’s coming financial armageddon.


My name is Greg Simon. I am an independent thinking and world traveler.

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