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Janet Yellen Exposed –The Truth Behind the Myth

Published on Oct 17, 2013

The Schiff Report (10/18/2013)
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European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi Comments On Gold

Published on Oct 17, 2013
Had the opportunity to ask ECB President Mario Draghi About Recent Gold Reserve Changes By Central Banks! Special Thank You To http://www.goldresourcecorp.com/ Gold Resource Corporation (GORO) for supporting my work!
Full Blog Post: http://bullmarketthinking.com/mario-d…

The Largest Money Manager In The World: I’m Much More Worried About The U.S. Now

“Whatever influence, if any, I have in Washington, I will try to make sure they understand this is extremely damaging to the economy. I think the fourth-quarter results will come in negative. This is as a result of the behavior of Washington.” Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) — Laurence D. Fink, chief executive officer of BlackRock Inc.,…

Ted Butler: JP Morgan’s Perfect Silver Manipulation Cannot Last Forever

 Silver manipulation – a lot has been written about the subject, not many have grasped how it works exactly. The age of algorhythm trading (best known as High Frequency Trading, or HFT) allows for manipulative tricks to be rolled out in a very clever way. The “intuitive” way to manipulate the price of a commodity to the downside is…

Complete Collapse & Economic Meltdown Will Shock The World

Today one of the top economists in the world predicted that the US economy is going to experience a “complete collapse.”  He also stated that this economic collapse will “create an upside explosion in gold that will shock the world.”  Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, wrote the following exclusive piece for KWN. By Michael…

China To Unleash The Worst Nightmare For The US

On the heels of Washington desperately moving to buy more time to deal with its financial crisis, today Canadian legend John Ing warned King World News that China is preparing to unleash the “worst nightmare” for the United States.  Ing, who has been in the business for 43 years, also stated that the Chinese are about…

Jim Comiskey Metals October 16th

Published on Oct 16, 2013

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FINAL VOTE RESULTS FOR ROLL CALL 550(Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independents underlined) H R 2775      YEA-AND-NAY      16-Oct-2013      10:18 PM QUESTION:  On Motion to Concur in the Senate Amendments BILL TITLE: To condition the provision of premium and cost-sharing subsidies under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act upon a certification that a program to verify household income and other qualifications…