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Rand Paul On Hannity October 7th 2013

Published on Oct 7, 2013

Rand Paul slammed Democrats’ priorities in light of the government shutdown, saying, “You’ve got to wonder. Apparently the Amber Alert, you know searching for a kidnapped child, has been closed down but Let’s Move weight loss program for the First Lady is open today, so I guess they do have priorities.”

While he believes Dems are “playing games with the shutdown,” the more serious concern is that “they’re also playing games with defaulting” which will scare the markets. “I think it’s irresponsible for the president or Jack Lew or any of his men or women to go out on TV and say, ‘Oh, the U.S. might default.’ […] We’ve never defaulted, we will never default, and there’s not even a reason to default because we have plenty of revenue that comes in every month to pay our interest payment.”

“I Believe We Are Now Approaching The End Game”

With the US dollar closing below the key psychological level of 80, and the Dow ending the trading day well below 15,000, a man who has been trading major markets for over four decades told King World News, “I believe we are now approaching the end game.”  He also warned KWN that “This unprecedented and…

Jim Comiskey Metals October 7th

Published on Oct 7, 2013

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Dollar Collapse To Trigger Massive Bull Market In Gold & Silver

Today the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, warned that the “US dollar is poised right on the edge of a cliff.”  He also issued this ominous warning, “if we get a sell signal on the dollar it will have international implications.”  This is an incredibly powerful piece with a legend who has been writing…

Stocks Set To Plunge – Gold To See A Spectacular Surge

With gold and silver moving higher, and the Dow threatening to break the 15,000 level, today King World News is pleased to share the thoughts of one of the top strategists in the world, Robin Griffiths of Cazenove out of London.  Cazenove Capital is the appointed stockbroker to Her Majesty The Queen.  The acclaimed strategist…

Oregon bartender’s tip turns out to be lottery ticket worth $17,500

Published October 06, 2013 – Associated Press SPRINGFIELD, ORE. –  An Oregon bartender just got the tip of a lifetime. One of Aurora Kephart’s regulars at Conway’s Restaurant and Lounge in Springfield often tips her with Keno tickets from the Oregon Lottery. On Tuesday evening, the man who wishes to remain anonymous asked Kephart to choose…

I Will Not Comply with Obamacare – There I Said It

by Daisy Luther I will not comply with Obamacare. There. I said it. I am unequivocally not going to be complying with Obamacare. I also won’t be purchasing health insurance at 4 times the regular price, nor will I participate in the government-funded “exchange” for “affordable” healthcare. Now, first, let me be clear – this isn’t because…

DEFUND OBAMACARE? Govt SHUTDOWN, Debt Default – Jerry Robinson

Published on Oct 6, 2013

*Government Shutdown over Obamacare, What’s Next? – (1:14)
*Debt Ceilng to be Raised vs. U.S. to Default – (6:16)
*Federal Reserve to Increase Stimulus to 160 Billion/mo? – (19:25)
*Gold & Silver Ready to Move Higher – (23:08)
*U.S. Real Estate, a Good Buy? (26:05)

Jerry Robinson is the author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation: Your Financial Survival Guide. In 2010, Jerry createdhttp://FTMDaily.com with a mission to wake up Americans and share with them the principles of true financial and spiritual liberty. Every Saturday he hosts the FTMWeekly Radio, a one hour podcast covering economic and geopolitical topics. Jerry has been blessed to be able to lecture around the globe on the topic of economic and geopolitical trends. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Tulsa and resides in the beautiful Ozark Mountains with his beautiful wife and newborn son.

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