Gold And Silver – Elite’s NWO Losing Traction. Expect [More] War

Saturday  30 August 2014

The lies and deceit coming from Western governments continue unabated, whether it is
[Pollyanna] economic news that is non-reflective of existing reality or more false flag “war”
news that is also non-reflective of existing reality.  Whether it be Obama,  Cameron, or
Merkel, supposed leaders of their countries but totally failing to provide leadership, each
can best be described as pimps for the banking elites.

No one, not even [non-existing] Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction Bush Jr, has been more
hell-bent on starting wars throughout the world than Nobel Peace Prize winner, [cough,
cough], Obama.  Cameron has nothing positive to contribute, coming from a country that
produces nothing, just running on spent debt fumes.  He just announced his idea of more
sanctions against Russia by kicking them out of the SWIFT program, the elite banker’s
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

How have all of those other sanctions been working, David?  There simply is no right way
for doing stupid things, but he and Obama continue to try to disprove stupidity with the
same proven results.

Merkel, the one who has the best opportunity to defy the elites and take Germany forward
into the new world’s developing economic order, primarily China and Russia, leaders of
BRICS and its fast-growing associated countries, [new members not currently allowed]
Instead, Merkel keeps Germany rooted as the step-child satellite country of the federal
United States.

It is not enough that the US refuses to return Germany’s gold, [long gone, anyway,
and Germany stopped asking].  It is not enough that the US, [thanks to the Snowden
revelations], spies on all Germans, especially corporate spying, and even Frau Merkel’s
cell phone.  Pile on Germany’s lap-dog willingness to go along with the Obama-driven
sanctions, for which the US is at no immediate economic risk, and Germany now faces
the loss of 50,000 jobs, or more, while sliding backwards economically, etc, etc, etc.

We have viewed Germany as pivotal in swinging away from the destructive debt forces
of the West and align itself economically with the growing influences in the growing
Eurasian trading zone.  While already with strong ties to China and Russia, Merkel
still plays games and thumbs her nose at Russia in order to appease Obama and his
doomed-to-fail, and failing sanctions.

No leadership, Merkel, just pimping yourself and dragging your country along to the beat
of the elites instead of staying sharply focused on Frankfort as a premier, as the premier
Yuan swap facility, to eclipse London as a world-important financial center, developing
even more and stronger ties to the obvious growth and  development both China and
Russia not only represent but demonstrate.  We thought you had more character.  Instead,
you choose to hitch your fading star to the fast-faltering corporate United States.

Merkel says, “America cannot solve all the world’s problems anymore.”  This is how out
of touch she is.  America was never the world’s problem solver.  America is the one that
created all the world’s problems.  Maybe the fact that Germany is still an occupied country,
[occupied by US troops], is why Merkel acts the puppet.

Zero leadership across the board.  Just lies and deceits to do the bidding of the elites.
What is the scope and aim of  Cameron’s move to kick Russia out of the SWIFT program?
To put an economic squeeze on Russia.  Will it work?  To some extent, in the short-term.
Will there be repercussions?  Does night follow day?  Can Obama and Cameron do any
more than push Russia farther away from using the increasingly use-less “dollar?”  It is
not as though Russia has clearly demonstrated its intent and shown its ability to stop
transactions using the fiat “dollar.”

The Obama administration’s CIA-led overthrow of an established government in Kiev
has been nothing more than a move to try to weaken Russia and prevent Putin from
having the world’s largest energy companies [Russian], supply natural gas and oil to
Europe and the Baltic countries.

Why was Obama so driven to start a war in Syria?  Because Assad is such an evil
dictator?  No, but because war in Syria would prevent the gas line from Russia reaching
Syria’s port to supply LNG to Europe.  Obama wants Qatar to have its pipeline to be
used to supply Europe.  All of this as a cover to keep Russia from becoming Europe’s
main supplier of energy.  It was not about Assad, at all.  Always follow the money.

As an incredibly unintended consequence of Obama’s false flag reasons for trying to
bring war on Syria, ISIS has mushroomed into an [anti]Islamic death machine.
It was Obama’s CIA that trained and supplied these anti-Assad forces as a means of
defeating Assad without direct US involvement.  Do you hear Obama taking any
credit for being a critical catalyst for creating ISIS?  Not a peep.  All he can say is that
he “has no strategy for dealing with ISIS.”  He does, however, have a strategy for
dealing with Russia and Ukraine.

Obama whines and complains about Russia amassing troops within its own borders,
near Ukraine.  As an aside, what does anyone think Obama’s response would be to
Putin if Putin told Obama not to amass troops along the East or West Coast of the US?
What business does Obama have telling Putin where to put his troops within Russia’s
own borders?  In fact, what business does Obama have involving the US in affairs
thousands of miles on the other side of the world in the first place?

Has any of the MSM [Main Stream Media], reported about the ethnic cleansing going
on by the Obama-installed Kiev government against innocent men, women and children?
None.  All one hears is how evil Putin is, with no mention how Obama is conniving to
get Ukraine to become a part of NATO, further breaking every promise made since the
days of Gorbachev and Perestroika that NATO would not encroach any farther around
Russia.  The only “Rules” that apply are the ones Russia is “accused” of breaking.

Cyprus, [the West attempting to steal Russian money parked in Cypriot banks], Syria,
Ukraine, all with a single purpose in mind: isolate and weaken Russia, and do everything
possible to disrupt Russia’s supply of LNG and oil to Europe.  All to protect the destined-
to-fail fiat dollar, the elite’s primary stranglehold over the entire West.

Did we forget to mention that the first thing the CIA-led coup did in Ukraine was to steal
all the gold held in Kiev at 2 a.m. by heavily armed, anonymous black-garbed intruders?
Did we forget to mention that all of Libya’s gold was also looted in a similar fashion?
Side events to Ukraine and Syria, but related because it was all the bidding of the elites.

Why to expect [more] war?  That is all the Rothschild banking establishment knows, and
truth be known, it has been extraordinarily effective.  Next week, we will cover a brief
history, a track record of the Rothschild banking dynasty that has controlled all Western
countries for a few centuries.

Will it be a conventional war?  No one knows, but that seems less likely in this day and age.
Instead, it may be more of the financially divide and conquer type of war that has been
waged over the past decade or more, where countries are forced to take on more and more
debt in return for giving up sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats like van Rumple
and Draghi, lording over the paste and patch European Union, the elite’s answer for
accomplishing its objective of its New World Order where individual country sovereignty
does not exist.  Make up your mind, Germany.

What does this have to do with gold and silver?  Everything, as we have maintained over
the past several months.  Unless and until you see the United States lose it fake “dollar”
control over the mostly Western world, nothing will change.  Now that China and Russia
have all but abandoned use of the US “dollar” in its trade [thanks to Obama’s sanctions],
and with a growing number of countries willing to go along with abandoning the dead-
weight fiat “dollar,” gold and silver will remain trapped in the elite’s manipulative web.

Is all of this Obama saber-rattling over Ukraine and adding new sanctions affecting the
PMs market?  The charts say no.  Regardless of what one thinks about the news or the
underlying bullish fundamentals for both gold and silver, if all one did is look at what
the charts are saying about those who are buying and selling PMs, one would have the
best and most accurate read for what is going on in real-time.

The monthly chart provides a broader context for developing market behavior, and it is
more controlling than the weekly and daily.  We keep saying when price is in the middle
of a TR [Trading Range], the level of knowledge, as in what to do, is at its lowest because
price can move to either extreme of the TR and not mean anything.  Trying to “outguess”
what the market will do while in the middle of a TR is a fool’s game.

The June rally is similar to the D/S bars [Demand overcoming Supply] mentioned in the
weekly and daily charts, and you can see how the attempts to correct lower in July and
August, the last two bars, are smaller and more labored.  This tells us that selling is not
that strong.

The trading range for August, last bar, is small and unchanged from the July close.  The
entire effort to go lower for August produced no net results.  For price to turn around,
buyers will have to step up their activity and show some strength, totally absent for now.

GC M 30 Aug 14

The reason why you want to pay close attention to wide range bars and strong closes to
the upside, [and wide range bars and weak closes to the downside] is because the wide
range is almost always the result of strong hand activity.  You want to observe how well,
or not, those buyers defend their position.

In a strong market, support will usually come at the upper end of the wide range bar.  In
a weaker market, like gold, support may be found at or near the bottom of the wide range
D/S bar.  This is how the developing market activity provides the most current clues as to
the market’s intent.


GC W 30 Aug 14

Daily activity is supportive of the weekly read.  What is missing, and as would be expected
of a weak market, is a persistent show of buying strength.  Prince remains in a down trend
channel, and it is in the middle of it.  NMT,  [Needs More Time].

GC D 30 Aug 14

Unless and until silver shows an ability to break out of its current pattern, who knows for
how much longer this sideways drifting can go?  It does not pay to anticipate ahead of time
in which direction price will break out.  The last 2 months were smaller ranges than the
June rally, 3rd bar from the end, and that tells us sellers are not that intent, or are simply
unable to move price lower.  However, sellers remain in overall control.

SI M 30 Aug 14

Once again, the importance of paying close attention to a wide range, strong close bar, D/S
[arrow].  Since the swing high, the correction lower has been labored, taking much more
time to reach the D/S low as potential support, and price is holding that level.  Price tried
to rally higher and failed, but it also failed to move lower, closing unchanged for the week.


SI W 30 Aug 14

The daily does not add much more.  All that can be said is there exists the potential for a
rally based on the clustering of closes.  That is not a strong endorsement because silver is
a weak market, and it will take much more than a clustering to turn price around.

The paper market offers little from the long side.  However, given the near insanity that
heads of government are posturing their corporate governments, as opposed to actually
representing the desires and interests of those being governed, buying physical gold and
silver remains a high priority.  It is so very true that being a year early is far better than
being a day late, for one day, price may simply open price multiples higher and never
afford another reasonable opportunity to buy.


SI D 30 Aug 14

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  1. August 31, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    The essential defining characteristic of all government is … lies and deception. Consider that the proper view of government is as a People’s diplomatic courier service and administrators of formally institutionalized functions (kind of like waiters and busboys at a restaurant), NOT a haughty, dandy gaggle of prancing, preening egotists taking upon themselves the ‘station’ of demi-gods.

    “I expressly say that Congress is not a representative body but a diplomatic body, a collection of ambassadors from thirteen sovereign States….” –John Adams

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