No Tapering, Where Do We Go From Here?

Folks, this announcement by Bernanke of no tapering today is extremely bullish for gold and silver. Silver spiked by $1.00, gold by $50.00 within minutes after the announcement. I believe this is LONG-TERM bullish for metal as the Fed today is basically admitting that the economic recovery is a sham. With Bernanke leaving and the dove-ish Yellen taking the chair, it’s highly unlikely that the Fed will taper anytime soon, IF EVER.

The bottom line is that in my opinion, gold and silver will now continue their leg up in this bull-cycle and it would be appropriate to buy metal NOW as value will be lost by waiting.

Again, I’m not an expert (far from it) and this is just my hypothesis. Please do not overextend yourself on my advice.

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