Gold And Silver – Reverse Bubble. Huge Rally When Broken. Note Bitcoin Results.

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus

Saturday  30 November 2013

Gold and silver are in reverse bubbles, if you will, where price has been both severely
distorted and suppressed by central banks, the visible tools of the otherwise hidden
moneychangers, those on the top of the population pyramid who want to control and
enslave the entire world in a totalitarian state of existence.  Ironically, the best and only
hope for the [not so] free world comes from China and Russia.  It is a twisted world in
which we live.

There are so many pieces to the entire puzzle, and for all the known ones, those which
are most important are unknown to the great majority.  All one can do is to continually
monitor events and prepare accordingly.  The best predictor of the future has always been
past behavior.  For centuries, the most reliable preparation has been the ownership of

There is no evidence that it will be any different, this time around.  In fact, given the gross
manipulation of both gold and silver, once this artificial reverse bubble bursts, the results
will be equally distorted to the upside.  Where not too long ago, one often heard $5,000 to
$10,000 the ounce for gold, the numbers have accelerated to as high as $50,000 and $500
the ounce for gold and silver, respectively.

If anyone wants a glimpse into what the future holds for gold and silver, just look at how
Bitcoin has rallied to $1,200+!!!  Not even two weeks ago, it traded at $460, and now, it is
almost worth the same as an ounce of gold.  Without any warrants as to the reliability or
sustainability of this recent phenomenon, it clearly shows the appetite for an uncontrolled
[by central banks/governments] alternative to any fiat currency.  The world is finally
waking up to the central banker’s huge fiat Ponzi scheme.

Bitcoin is a digital currency, aka a crypto-currency,  that has no intrinsic value.  For now,
it is an anonymous e-currency taking the world by storm.   What seems to be the strongest
point for acquiring Bitcoin is that it is continually going up in value, and it is momentum,
not fundamentals, that keeps carrying the day.  It runs the risk of becoming a Tulipcoin.

Putting aside whether the novelty of Bitcoin can survive any number of stress tests, which
it has not yet had to do, any way possible for operating outside of the existing central
banking cartel’s fiat scheme has enormous appeal.  We do not see Bitcoin going up in
value so much as the fiats are eroding in confidence.  Where it used to take $400 in fiat
Federal Reserve Notes, [FRN] to buy a Bitcoin, it now takes over $1,200 FRNs to buy the
same coin.  This exposes the downside to fiats.

This is the good news for gold and silver holders.  Once the suppressive manipulation
bubble bursts for gold and silver, the number of fiats it takes to buy an ounce of gold,
[currently about $1,260] and an ounce of silver, [ about $20], will rise in value, as in
true measured value.  Bitcoin is the precursor for how reality will immediately set in
and catapult precious metals that will likely leave Bitcoin in the dust.

As to why the Western central bankers continue to successfully manipulate/suppress
gold and silver is open to debate.  In large, central bankers set and control currencies
world-wide, and most people are oblivious to the insidious nature of fractional reserve
banking and the corrupt criminal enterprises that run them.  They do it because they
operate with impunity and get away with it.

China is becoming an unexpected center stage protagonist for ridding the world of the
fiat “dollar,” once and for all.  It has become their mission, one in which they will not fail.

There is a book entitled “The Ugly American,” from 1958 and a film in 1963 that was
popular for some time.  Its focus was on America’s inability, even unwillingness to
understand foreign cultures, and particularly true of the American government.  To
that can now be added another adjective, “The Ugly and Ignorant American.”  The
country is filled with a population that remains clueless about its de facto and
bankrupt corporate federal government, and especially its own fiat currency.

China will become the wake-up that will show the world how America is, and has been
for a few decades, a Third World country living off the fumes of a once thriving nation.
We hope to address China as the likely replacement for both national and monetary
superiority, next week.

A look at the charts.  There has not been any notable change in the charts since last week.
The dramatic rise in Bitcoin is the best reminder for all those buying and holding physical
gold and silver, for whatever length of time and at whatever price, better days are assured.
It is just a matter of time.

It could be said that the nine week rally from the June low is being corrected by a 13 week
decline, which is relatively more labored.  While a positive, it does nothing to suggest a
turnaround, at this point.

GC W 30 Nov 13

The noted clustering of closes can take price in either direction.  One of the advantages of
reading developing market activity is that it is followed, not led or anticipated in advance.
This means we do not have to know in advance which direction price will head, in the week
or more, ahead.  Instead, we wait for a concrete signal, and then go with prevailing market
strength.  It is the best way to avoid being on the wrong side of any market.

GC D 30 Nov 13

Silver’s strong August swing high rally has been negated by the much slower decline that
is now trading under the strong rally bar, 3rd from the August swing high.  Until the small
range of last week, the preceding decline, none of the 4 bars overlapped by much,
indicative of a liquidating market.  Whether the small weekly range becomes significant,
as a potential form of stopping action, remains to be seen.

SI W 30 Nov

Price could still go marginally lower and not break the previous zone of support.  In any
down trend, sellers have proven themselves.  The onus is on buyers to demonstrate the
ability to effect change.  For now, there is no evidence that buyers are stepping in and
taking over. The ongoing “fate” of precious metals remains in the central bankers pockets.

SI W 30 Nov 13

1 comment for “Gold And Silver – Reverse Bubble. Huge Rally When Broken. Note Bitcoin Results.

  1. December 1, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Excerpt: “China will become the wake-up that will show the world how America is, and has been for a few decades,”

    This weary tedium of equating Peoples with their governing criminal cabals needs to be highlighted at every turn. Neither ‘China” nor ‘America’ is any sort of positive or negative force in the world … the ensconced elites lording over these enslaved Lands are that force. Also, that no mistake is made, the genuine America, which has been dungeoned beneath the District of Columbia city-state, by the exact same types in control of China, is the morally superior Social Order..The true America enshrines its People as the country’s Supreme Sovereign Power, guaranteeing Lawfully derived Private Property to their Individual Determination … alone. How that has been so thoroughly corrupted takes explanation far exceeding this occasion and forum, but I’ll suffice to say that though The People have been subliminally conditioned in a sinister Pavlovian program, their original, ordinary Federation still exists for them to grasp ahold of again, any moment they regain … mere memory … of their true ‘place’ in the arrangement and resolve to exercise their Incontestable Power At Law.

    Now, it’s immeasurably poignant to observe that all countries are doomed to economic and financial destruction by the banknote scheme of co-generating currency inflation and debt, so all governments, banks and monopoly industrialists of these countries will collude to preserve the scheme at any risk. This is what lay behind the general chorus for a ‘gold backed’ bank or government note to replace that of the FRB as ‘reserve currency’ (see: ), yet the only proven exit from global ruin is reversion to the Honest Money scheme of poly-metallic copper, silver and gold, each competing against the other to hold their respective market valuations within their supply-demand parameters and thus yield most accurate Price Discovery in all other goods acquired through them.

    Blatantly then, NO COUNTRY’S GOVERNMENT can be trusted to have altruistic goals in mind, however appearances might seem so, unless they announce their intractable intention of instituting such a shift back to Honest Money.

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