Gold And Silver – PetroDollar On Its Deathbed? PMs About To Rally? No.

Submitted by Michael Noonan.

Saturday  27 September 2014

As we near the end of the 3rd Q for 2014, time is running out for all the 2014
enthusiasts that are calling for higher prices by year-end.  The lessons learned from
2013 have been forgotten as not only are not prices beginning to move higher, they
are making new recent lows.  Incredibly enough, many of these prognosticators are
paid pretty well by their subscribers.  Lesson to be learned?  Absolutely no one can
divine the future.

Here we are, in the cheap seats, showing our unadorned, simple charts each week,
repeating the most basic advice possible:  The single most piece of information one
can have is knowledge of the trend.  If the trend is down, do not be long, [at least
not in the paper futures market].  Buying and holding physical gold and silver is a
totally different issue.

It may be evident, at times, that we have no pre-determined agenda for each week’s
article. Already, we are far away from what we thought we would write just as of last
night.  A function of this more stream of consciousness weekly endeavor is that we
are no locked into maintaining a false hope, pitching something that is contrary to
what the market is advertising.

Last year, there was “hope” when news would come out about record coins sales,
huge Chinese lines queued to buy gold, record tonnage purchases by China,  Russia,
sometimes India.  We are amused to see similar articles appearing again, recently.
Does that information really matter?  Is it impacting the market?  Not in the least.

We could be wrong, at least about our “story” that attends the charts, but we are not
wrong about reading the chart direction.  There is a reason why we keep saying to stop
listening to what others are saying, and pay attention to what the charts are saying about
those others who actually participate in the markets.  Once more, there is no better source
for what is happening in the markets than the market itself.

Our story is that the precious metals[PMs] markets will not turn until the US and the UK
lose their control over the money markets.  It could not be any simpler.  When will that
control be lost?  Not any time soon, and 2014 could very well bleed into 2015 and 2016
just as 2013 did in 2014.  It could all change next month or sometime thereafter, but until
it does, no change is happening, yet.

The UK is less problematic because it does not have the military might that the US has,
the Empire of Chaos, led by the Nobel Peace Prize winner cum War Lord of the Flies,
Barack Husain “Obomba”   “If we do not have a coalition, we will not bomb Syria.”  He
had no coalition because his “closest allies” bailed on him.  True to form, he bombed
anyway, and he was joined in a last-minute “coalition” of other Arab nations that want
to get rid of Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria, at all costs.

No one can stop the United States from inflicting its debt pain and military might against
those who do not go along with the NWO [a wolf in US clothing], or “you will pay the price
by having your country wrecked.”  In the world of international laws, none apply to the US
when they get in the way, and there are no consequences.  Did international law stop the
Obomba administration from backing a coup against a sovereign Ukrainian president,
kicked out and replaced with a puppet loyal [at the end of a gun barrel] to Washington?
It used to be only Mao Tse Tung who ruled with power from the end of a gun barrel.

Why Ukraine?  An effort by the NWO to keep Russia from supplying gas to Europe.
[Always follow the money].  Ukraine is a way to disrupt the flow of liquid gas, but Russia
made a huge deal with China, last May, and has its biggest partner and recipient of
Russian gas ready and willing to deal with each other, and without using the petrodollar!
The pillars are crumbling for the debt-laden, gasping for life petrodollar [the US “dollar”
used for all international trade contracts, at least until recently].

Why Syria?  Certainly not ISIS.  ISIS is a product of the CIA, just as al-Qaeda was.  These
were anti-Bashar fighters trained and armed, even financed by the CIA.  Because the CIA
does not understand Islam and the too-many different factions, most of whom do not get
along with each other, these newly armed and trained fighters decided to go their own way
according to their own version of Islam. Kind of like Obama:  If you do not agree with us,
then like Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts, “Off with their heads!”

Syria is an important end route for planned gas pipelines from Russia en route to Europe.
The West will not tolerate competition from Russia, a country unwilling to relent its
national sovereignty and cater to the NWO and their bearing-gifts-of-debt to overtake
any country willing to accept such “gifts,” not with any strings attached, but chains and no
hope of escape.  It is just like the Eagles song,  Hotel California, “You can check out any
time, but you can never leave.”

For a point of clarity, to not be misunderstood, when we talk about the US, Obama, UK,
or any other country, we talk about the government in charge and not about the people
being governed.  Americans, as individuals, are a fun-loving people, so are Brits, Russians,
Palestinians, Chinese, almost every culture.  People just want to get along and be content
living their lives.  The problem is the governments that control the people.

The federal government is in charge of the US, but only as a corporation, doing everything
possible to enrich those who control and are a part of it.  The US, all Western countries,
are under total control of the moneychangers, the elites, a handful of people who control
the entire central banking system, which in turn, controls the governments.  None of
these governments, none, care about the people being governed, except for lip service.  BFD.

The Empire of Chaos war machine is in full gear, and it will go after any country, any
people who get in their way, and that includes going after Americans in their  own
country.  The NSA, FEMA, TSA, Homeland Security.  All of these organization have
one purpose and one purpose only:  Protect the interests of the banking system that
controls the nation.  If you think hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is something
to be avoided, try getting in the way of the elites.  Lincoln and Kennedy did.  Bang Bang,
[My Baby Shot Me Down – Cher]

That is the war side, and we are just scratching the surface.  Always remember, gold and
silver are the antithesis to the elites fiat paper, now computer blips.  Central bankers are
suppressing the PMs to eliminate any competition to their paper debt Ponzi scheme that
is beginning to unravel, thanks to China and Russia, now BRICS and a larger number of
countries willing to tie their future to the growing prosperity plans of China and Russia.
Both countries are always engaged in deals to foster growth, constructively utilizing their
energy or making deals with, and not bombing, other countries with their own energy
sources willing to cooperate without having to give up their sovereignty or become debt

Germany flinched after asking New York to return its gold.  [Gone, Germany, long gone
by the same powers with whom you continue to deal.]  Bush, Clinton, Bush II, now
Obama have done the bidding of the elites and traded away or sold all the gold for money
and power.  Germany stopped asking for the return of its gold, most likely under the
threat from the elites to back off, or else.  She backed off.  There is no gold.

If Germany, considered the sole powerhouse of the EU, will not stand up, what country
will?  Maybe the AfD party, Alternative fur Deutschland, will embarrass Merkel into
doing the right thing for Germany and her people.  The AfD is a new party that wants to
leave the EU and stop funding the other parasitic EU countries.  As long as countries are
willing to sacrifice their economies, crippling companies, hurting the economy, and
harming the economic viability of their people, gold and silver are not going anywhere.

What about Switzerland?  There is a gold referendum on 30 November that would require
the Swiss central bank to keep at least 20% of assets in gold.  The Swiss people want this,
but the Parliament [government] opposes it.  Why?  It would “impinge on the Swiss
National Bank’s ability to conduct monetary policy.”  In other words, it would stop the
Swiss economy from being more “fiatized” [our word], to being less “fiatized,” or less
burdened by debt.  The Swiss Bank would not be able to “print” [digitize] more fiat.  The
gold-asset holding right now is at 8%.  It used to be higher, but the Swiss caved-in to the
elites and joined the fiat crowd, as demanded.

What people want does not matter.  What the elite-controlled Western government
sycophants want is what the people will get.

None of these stories are news-headline-grabbing, but they are pieces of the puzzle that,
when put together, a picture of how the elites run the world suddenly appears.  They are
in control.  No one can oppose their power.  China and Russia are opposing them, right
now, and their strength, backed by huge natural resources, [Russia], and massive amounts
of gold, [China and Russia], engaging and encouraging other countries to build and grow
from within, may very well win the day and be the catalyst to bring down the Empire of
Chaos, led by the evil cabal of debt serpents, the elites.

Neither China nor Russia are in any hurry to see gold and silver rise, as long as they can
continue to buy both at absurdly low, artificial prices.  In fact, low PM prices are a huge
leveraging source for China to continue to buy up the United States assets as this country
self-destructs into Third World oblivion.  The elites are encouraging this process for they
have bled this country dry of all its wealth.  Now they just want control of the carcass and
its military capabilities.

We received many positive feed-back e-mails, lately.  Thank you.  Our inbox was also
inundated with an abnormal amount of spam.  In the process of erasing the spam, we
also erased several e-mails before we could respond.  Our apologies to those who did
not receive a response after sending such kind words.  Any time any of you have some
tips or information not being reported, do not hesitate to send it along.

The charts:

Something happened to our chart sizing, and our computer guy is unavailable to make
the changes.  Apologies.

The strong rally on the monthly chart says to pay attention and do not ignore this higher
time frame.  Volume was the highest up volume, and it erased the higher volume when
price sold off in 2013, first arrow.  The ease of upward movement shows no sign of any
stopping activity, so all one can do is watch and let it play out.  Despite detractors on the
future viability of the “dollar,” and we are one, the elites are not about to let it roll over
and die without a strong fight.  PMs are likely to remain weak with a strong dollar.

Expect more of the same from the war-monger US, and if things get more desperate,
there could well be another 9/11-type event to scare people into accepting more and
more governmental control, and the government using such an event, [created by the
elites, of course] to blame its failures on others.  Anything to deflect the blame away
from the bankers who created all the economic problems, and continue to do so with


DX M 27 Sep 14




The chart comments are self-explanatory.  The smallness of the weekly range is like a shot
across the bow for the bears, at least seemingly.  It acts as an alert, as opposed to a signal
upon which to act.  What we want to do now is see how the market responds/respects what
could be the start of the end of the bottoming process.

Keep in mind, it takes markets longer to bottom or top than most expect.  This market is
already two years in process, so as price moves farther along the RHS [Right Hand Side]
of the trade range, it is closer to a final resolve.


SI W 27 Sep 14

The high volume from Monday, 5th bar from right, explains why the weekly bar was so
small.  It could be that Monday is a form of stopping volume, and Thursday’s lower bar
on increased volume without continuing lower adds credence to how Monday’s bar is
viewed.  NMT   [Needs More Time]

SI D 27 Sep 14

Any time you see a market making lower highs consistently, as gold has done, it is a
sign of weakness.  Where silver had a small range bar, gold’s close is barely lower
from the previous week, and that indicates a loss of downside momentum.  Is it
enough to say the market is turning?  No.   NMT.

GC W 27 Sep 14

We often mention clustering of closes as being either a resting spell before resuming
the trend, or a possible turning point for a counter move of some kind.   The lower
volume when price tried to rally, during the clustering, was an indication that the
downside was more than likely to resume.

The holding of price, at 2, after a new recent low, and the strong close are positives,
as is the holding of Friday’s decline on lower volume, but these are observations that
need to be watched for confirmation that a potential rally may develop, [a bias here],
or more sideways activity, possibly eventually still lower.  As always, let the market
declare itself more conclusively, as it always does.

The market will turn when it is ready, and not a day before.  Understand that.

GC D 27 Sep 14


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