Gold and Silver Now Move Into the October Delivery Month

There was no activity in or out of the COMEX warehouses yesterday, with only a small adjustment at Brinks.

Here is an interview I did with Lars Schall yesterday. You may read at it here.

Lars is a very personable and intelligent fellow, and did a good job of drawing out some comments, and coaxing me to put some things forward more so than I am often wont to do.  I am always grateful for the good work that he does.

Next week may be more eventful for the markets as they shake off the last of the summer doldrums.  A slight chill is in the evening air, and one senses even now that winter is coming.

I was out most of the day, having an early birthday celebration with my wife.  The countryside is quite beautiful, and the farmers markets are laden with the bounty of the Summer.  I think Autumn is my favorite time of the year, as it winds into the holidays, and friends and family.

As you may recall October, unlike September, is an active delivery month for bullion on the COMEX. And December is often the most active of all. The time is coming when we will reap as we have sown. The reckoning comes as the harvest is brought in.

Stand and deliver.

Have a pleasant weekend.


Most respectfully lifted from Jesse’s Cafe Americain

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