Man Who Predicted Gold Takedown Says West Is In Danger

In the aftermath of the takedown in gold and silver, today the man who predicted this downside action ahead of time spoke with King World News about what investors should expect next.  William Kaye, who is one of the savviest and most well-connected hedge fund managers in the world, also told KWN exactly why the plunge is being orchestrated and what will emerge from all of this.  Kaye, who 25 years ago worked for Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions, had this to say in his fascinating interview.

Kaye:  “I’m focused on the footprints which strongly suggest that the gold cartel isn’t done yet.  I continue to see the cartel making strategic moves at the PM fix in London.  The PM fix is a critical time when countries like China show up to buy sizable amounts of gold….

“These significant buy orders are for 50 tons of gold or sometimes even more.  I’m told a very large sovereign buyer was in the market in the low $1,300s.  At that time, the gold market remained just above the area where the large physical  buy order was present.  This suggests to me that the cartel has a limited amount of gold to continue the ongoing prosecution of this down-move.

Continue reading the William Kaye interview at KING WORLD NEWS

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