KWN: Incredible Events Now Unfolding In The Gold & Silver Markets

“With gold and silver beginning to approach the key area where London metals trader Andrew Maguire told King World News there would be massive central bank buying, today James Turk spoke with KWN about the incredible events which are unfolding.  Turk also sent KWN about silver a powerful chart to go with his commentary below.

Turk:  “There are so many important news events going on at the moment, Eric, that one has to pick and choose where to begin.  However, I think the most stunning development is your interview with Andrew Maguire.  For years there have been outcries that the CFTC is not doing enough to investigate the manipulation of the precious metal markets.


But these complaints have been met by blatant stonewalling, as evidenced by a CFTC investigation of silver manipulation that has now been ongoing for 5 years…..”


Continue reading the James Turk interview at KING WORLD NEWS


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