Gold And Silver – Very Strong Indirect Reasons To Buy PMs.

Saturday  10 January 2014

Got gold?  Got silver?  If not, you may not survive very well under the current and future
regime[s] established in this country.  Does price matter?  Sure, everyone wants to buy
reasonably near the lows, and there are many of us who paid substantially higher prices
than currently exist.  However, if there is no intent to sell but only hold as a form of wealth
protection and/or a form of insurance against a worthless fiat paper currency, then price
paid is really immaterial and focus should remain on purpose, not price.  Owning and
controlling either or both gold and silver are far more important.

In a market that is forming a bottom, price usually moves sideways along the RHS of the
chart [Right Hand Side].  What is known for certain is that the farther price moves along
the RHS, the closer it gets to a final resolution: a final bottom and eventual reversal of
trend.  The same applies to the ownership of gold and silver.

No one, absolutely no one knows when a bottoming process will end, and in this regard,
we refer to the ending process of the Federal Reserve fiat “dollar” being used as the
world’s reserve currency.  [What that means is goods on the world market are price and
settled in terms of dollars and no other currency, unless countries decide to trade using
their own currencies and outside of the fiat “dollar” system.]  The fiat “dollar” is still
moving farther along the RHS of its ultimate demise.

This is where the elite’s central banking system, through London and Washington DC,
finds itself today. More and more countries are turning away from the fiat “dollar” and
using alternatives.  Think of London as the controlling financial arm and Washington
D C as the military enforcement behind the money.

The Western financial central banking system is losing its control, and it continues to
move along the RHS of that loss of control.  When will loss of control be final?  That is the
same as asking when will gold and silver put in a final bottom?  Unanswerable as to an
exact date, and almost near impossible as to a reasonable window of time.  Almost none
of all the experts in the PM community foresaw the extent of the decline from the highs
over three years ago, and since 2013 and 2014, almost none called for the recent lows
currently prevailing.  [There may always be one or two, but we do not know who they are.]

When the fiat Federal Reserve “dollar” finally loses its status as the world’s reserve
currency, gold and silver will have then begun to make an  upward price adjustment or
will begin to make the upward adjustment, and all who paid much higher prices for gold
and silver will stop whining about price.

Here are a few examples of very strong, not so unrelated reasons for actively buying
physical gold and silver.

More people need to be aware of the government under which they live in the United
States.  It is not “their government,” as most assume.  The United States has not been a
Constitutional Republic for almost 150 years, when it became a de facto government on
27 March 1861, when 7 states from the South walked out of Congress that then lost its
Constitutional quorum, sine die,[pronounced sy-nee dye, Latin for “without a day”] for
reconvening Congress.  Without the necessary quorum to reconvene, the Constitutional
government ceased to exist.

On 15 April 1861, President Lincoln reconvened Congress entirely under the Executive
branch by presidential proclamation, Executive Order 1, “I do hereby, in virtue of the
power vested in me by the Constitution, convene both Houses of Congress.”

What people do not know is this country has been a presidential dictatorship ever since.

Let that sink in.

What has since evolved is a fascist government with a primary goal of serving the ruling
oligarchs.  The terms will be defined simply so that everyone is clear as to meaning.   A
fascist government is one that is more important than any individual or group, as well as
any provision for liberty[s].  Think of the Patriot Act and Obama’s National Defense
Authorization Act, both severely restricting individual freedoms in this country.

One need also consider the NSA and how its pervasive spying of every US citizen’s phone
calls, e-mails with express government approval and full budget support.  There is also
FEMA, DHS, and the hands on everyone everywhere TSA.  To all of these can be added
the recent militarization of local police forces that are often  more heavily armed that real
soldiers in combat.  [Few people in this country are aware that police are not required to
protect the public, per Supreme Court rulings.]

Under a fascist government is one person designated as leader, for which Obama
qualifies.  He rules however he wants with little regard for the established political
process, one that has been totally corrupted, anyway.  The entire de facto government
has been under the direction of a shadow government, the ruling elite pushing for a one
world government, via the United Nations.  Those in control of the government are the
oligarchs.  An oligarchy is where a small group of people have all the power.

For anyone who believes this “governmental shoe” doe not fit the US, you are not paying
attention, or the only attention being paid is to bought-and-paid-for-mainstream-news
and announcements [almost always, if not always, lies] from the de facto government.

The Constitution does not exist in the de facto government, only a federal constitution
exists, one where Rights have been replaced with privileges, where the will of one is
protected against the majority has given way to the majority rules and Rights are
subordinate or nonexistent.

The United States is recognized as the leading country transgressing the rights and
sovereignty of its own citizens, and for those of the rest of the world.   There is no country
that conducts more wars than the US.  The entire banking system has been protected by
the government at the expense of all citizens.  Today, any money held in a bank now
belongs to the bank. It ain’t your money any more!  If a bank fails, you lose.  This is how
the federal government has set up the rules t protect the oligarch’s banking system.

Here is a link to an article we found posted on the Shift Frequency web site entitled
America’s War On Whistleblowers And Journalists Since 9/11.”  [If the hot link does not
work, it is on our website under “Anything Goes” section.]  If you want to know why you
should own and hold gold and silver, this article is a mosaic of so many and on topics too
numerous to mention.  It provides  an awareness of what this government is doing and
how it will have a direct impact on your future, financial and otherwise.  To not own PMs
at any price is a huge gamble.

Back to the charts…

There are times when little can be added to what has already been said.  The trend
remains down in gold, and until there is evidence of a strong reversal, this market
continues to move along the RHS of a weak TR [Trading Range].  This is why we do not
engage in any “predictions” of what the market will do.  It is an exercise in ego and folly,
and a waste of time.  One need only go back to those who are making predictions for 2015
and read what was predicted for 2014 for proof.

Continue buying the physical, but the paper market is dead in the water from the long side.

GC W 10 Jan 14

Even with a decent rally to start 2015, look at where price is…locked within a TR.  The
market is not advertising any opportunity[s] at present.

GC D 10 Jan 14

Since breaking under 18, silver traded sideways for 5 weeks and then made another break
to the downside.  It has been trading sideways for 11 weeks.  It is from this kind of
sideways activity that an opportunity can arise.  The problem is the overhead resistance
appears to be an impediment for an upside breakout.  However, anything can happen.
Best to wait and see what develops and the manner in which it does.

SI W 10 Jan 14

Interestingly, the sideways activity looks more promising on the weekly than on the daily.
Until there are signs of strong upside movement with strong closes and increased volume,
it is hard to get excited for the paper market.

Otherwise, keep staking.


SI D 10 Jan 14

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