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Senator Rand Paul Suing President Obama over NSA Spying, Secret Iran Nuke Deal, Debt Limit Suspended… – There is yet another delay to part of Obama Care. Businesses with 50 to 100 employees will have another year to phase in health care coverage. Now, most of these companies already provide health care, but not the kind that Obama Care requires with free abortions and birth control and other “free” stuff. This “free” stuff will have to be paid for in much higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays.

Some Republicans are angry that President Obama is not releasing the details of his Iran nuclear deal. It is supposed to curtail Iran’s nuclear program, but if you listen to the Iranians, they don’t seem to be doing much negotiating or curtailing.

The Senate and the House have sent a debt ceiling bill to the President, and he will sign it into law. The bill suspends the Treasury’s borrowing limit. Let that sink in—suspends the borrowing limit, as in no limit!!

Finally, the government is being sued over the $13 billion JP Morgan deal that settled “wrongdoing” in the mortgage market. The lawsuit alleges that the Justice Department “acted as investigator, prosecutor, judge, jury, sentencer and collector.”

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Stock Market – Fat Lady Has Yet To Sing. Some Questions About YOUR Stocks?

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus Sunday  9 February 2014 The opposite sentiment of “gold fever” has been apparent in the stock market, of late, with so many calls for a top and/or a crash.  Gold has not rallied to higher levels called for, and the stock market has not fallen to levels that resemble a crash.…

Gold And Silver – NWO “Problem-Reaction” Ploy Stronger Than Fundamentals

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus Saturday  8 February 2012 The fundamentals for gold and silver worsen with each passing week, it seems, yet the price for gold and silver still languish in down trends.   If everything is as precarious as is depicted in so many other articles citing how PMs are in dire straights,…

The Stock Market Is TEETERING! Be Ready For Anything..By Gregory Mannarino

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Gregory Mannarino: Debt and Currency Crisis that Will Rock the Core of the Earth!… – Don’t expect the market to plunge just yet because Gregory Mannarino of says, “The Fed is counting on turmoil in the emerging markets to drive money into the U.S. market to keep the system propped up.”

Mannarino contends what you are seeing now is just a short term trade. In the longer term, Mannarino predicts, “Without a doubt, this is going to blow up. . . . I’ve been saying this for years now–we are headed for a pan global financial cataclysm. That’s a fact.” So, how does Mannarino plan to protect himself from this surefire coming calamity? Mannarino says, “I pull my gains out of the market, and I turn them into hard assets. I am the biggest precious metals bull out here. I can’t imagine a better place to be than in gold or silver, especially silver.”

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Gold And Silver – Calls For Explosive Upside In PMs Misplaced

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus Saturday  1 February 2014 So far, January 2014 has become a part of the failed rally for gold and silver that was so widely expected in 2013.  That has not stopped the renewed enthusiasm for 2014 being THE year for the long awaited rally-to-the-sky.  Anyone who reads our commentaries…