Yellen In, Syria Done, 8 Risks That Remain

“It was quite a busy weekend for breaking news headlines with Larry Summers dropping out of the race for the head of the Federal Reserve, which theoretically puts Janet Yellen at the top of a very short list, and the U.S./Russia political deal with Syria to dispose of their stockpile of chemical weapons.  While the deal with Syria removed some of the uncertainty from the markets in the short term it was the realization that Janet Yellen is now the likely successor to Ben Bernanke that sent stock futures soaring Sunday evening.  Wall Street loves the idea of Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve Chair(wo)man as she is, like Bernanke, very biased towards continued monetary interventions as long as necessary to keep the markets and economy afloat.

However, with Syria now quickly fading from the headlines and Wall Street believing that Yellen is a “shoe in” for the Fed, what headwinds still remain for the markets ahead.  Here are my quick picks:” Read the FULL STORY HERE

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