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$2 Billion in Cash Could Make Silver Short Positions UNCOVERABLE — Rick Rule

Rick Rule from Sprott Global Resource Investments joins us to talk about everything precious metals. But towards the end of the interview we get to the brass tax: “The idea that silver can be manipulated down ignores the fact that it could easily be manipulated UP. And the consequence of two years of extraordinary physical demand in the face of the unwinding of the leveraged long carry trade in silver expressed in SLV and expressed in the futures markets, tell me that it will be easier to make money manipulating the price of silver UP than manipulating the price of silver down. And my suspicion is that the commercial interests in manipulation will ultimately do the easiest thing to do. If there was $2 Billion employed, not on margin by the way, cash – so the rules could not be changed like they were on the Hunts – $2 Billion in cash employed in the futures markets which was held for delivery, cleaning OUT the good deliver silver that’s available, the short interest would LITERALLY be uncoverable.”

Gold And Silver – There Are Reasons Greater Than Demand For Owning Them.

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus Saturday  11 January 2014 Here is some very cogent rationale for owning gold and silver.  None pertain to the ever-ending reasons that demonstrate great demand.  Everyone has been hearing about them in a steady stream for the past year, and the impact on the market has been nil.  Often in tandem…

Gold And Silver – Sharply Higher Prices? Be Careful What You Wish For.

Submitted by Michael Noonan – Edge Trader Plus Saturday  28 December 2013 2013 comes to an end, and with it all those calls for gold and silver to be at much higher price levels.  What will 2014 bring?  More and more renewed calls for much higher price levels.  Will 2014 be the year? It is a possibility,…

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Another GOLD & SILVER Smackdown! More On “FAKE” FED. TAPER..By Gregory Mannarino

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